Sports reporter turned pimp pleads guilty


Mass. jails NH sports reporter for prostitution:

I originally posted about Kevin Provencher here. He’s a former sports reporter from New Hampshire who was arrested back in 2009 for running a prostitution ring on craigslist and backpage.

This past Friday Provencher pleaded guilty to two counts of deriving support from a prostitute, two counts of procuring a person into prostitution, two counts of solicitation for prostitution and one count of witness intimidation.

He’s only getting a mere 1 to 2 1/2 years behind bars. If the law really wanted to do something about prostitution and human trafficking scum like Provencher would get much larger sentences and so would the johns.

NH sports reporter charged with being craigslist pimp

Sports reporter for N.H. paper allegedly ran prostitution ring:

50-year-old Kevin Provencher of Manchester, New Hampshire has been a sports reporter for the New Hampshire Union Leader for the past 23 years. The police in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and possibly Canada say that he’s been a craigslist and backpage pimp for an undisclosed amount of time.

Prosecutor Michelle Defeo said Provencher would rent a room in the hotel, then two women would arrive, followed by a steady flow of male visitors.

Provencher has been suspended by the paper pending the outcome of the situation.