Craigslist loser couldn't find a chick his age


Man arrested for soliciting sex from 13-year-old:

29-year-old Kevin Sharp of Farmington, New Mexico was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from a 13-year-old girl through craigslist. I couldn’t find out how Sharp in the girl found each other through craigslist. However what I do know is that not only did Sharp allegedly try to get the girl to send him explicit pictures and have sex with him but he also created an online persona of a 15-year-old boy to try to get her to give in to Sharp’s demands.

What I find almost comical is that in one of Sharp’s communications with the girl said “I guess I could stop being a loser and go find a chick my age.” The thing is that lowlifes like Sharp don’t want girls their own age because they can’t control the, like they can with a child.

Thankfully the girl turned out to be Farmington police and Sharp was arrested at a motel where he thought he was going for sex, or as I call it when children are involved, child rape.

Like I said I couldn’t find how Sharp made contact through craigslist but I can almost guarantee you it was more than likely on the casual encounters section or the personals. With the rapid decline of MySpace it seems that craigslist is the go to place for child molesters. Craigslist could put a stop to this just by monitoring their ads in these sections yet they still refuse.