16-year-old accused of killing toddler

No bail for teen charged with killing son, 1:

Police in Worcester, Mass. arrested 16-year-old Nga Thi Truong girl in the murder of her toddler son Khyle Truong. It’s alleged that she used the boy’s teddy bear to smother him.

Police say she confessed to killing him because allegedly she was frustrated at the boy because he was sick.

Truong’s boyfriend, 17-year-old Edwin Vasquez who is not the baby daddy, disputes the confession and says police pressured her into confessing.

“I didn’t hear anything, and I was sleeping right next to him,” Vasquez said.

Vasquez said the baby had a fever and woke up a few times Saturday night, before Truong changed his diaper and fed him about 8 a.m.

“I heard Khyle drinking the bottle, and he was fine,” Vasquez said. “About 11 (a.m.) I woke up … she was screaming — she was screaming Khyle’s name. Khyle was not moving at all.”

Vasquez is not Khyle’s baby daddy but he is a baby daddy as Truong is currently pregnant with his child.

Truong has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and has been ordered held without bail.

How sad is it that she used what I’m sure the boy saw as an object of security to allegedly murder him?

In a perfect world teens would be sterile until they could prove that they’re responsible.