Florida Breeder charged when 13-year-old runs over his 6-year-old daughter

David Courson

Bond Denied For Man Charged In Daughter’s Death:

38-year-old David Courson of Monticello, Florida, has been charged with manslaughter in the January death of his 6-year-old daughter Becca. Police allege that Courson was letting a 13-year-old drive his truck when the accident happened. They say that Courson was drunk and liquor, weed and what sounds like to me were homemade redneck fireworks, i.e., a bomb.

And oh yeah the 13-year-old was not his daughter but he’s been arrested for allegedly having sex with her.

With Courson’s wife listening in court on Monday, the prosecutor read some of those messages including one from Courson to the girl about his wife.

“I think she’s jealous of you, you’re everything she is not…pretty, sexy and smart,” said the message.

There was also this exchange between Courson and the girl about their sexual encounter and what Courson’s wife would think about it.

“If she knew what had happened in her bed she would need counseling,” said Courson. “It was on her side of it too,” the girl replied. “Ha, ha, ha all she would need is sound effects,” Courson replied.

So drunk redneck letting his 13-year-old squeeze drive the truck that killed his daughter. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah. His wife may or may not be standing by her man.

Following his arrest last month his wife told us she was supporting her husband.

After court, we asked her if she still was and she referred us to David’s lawyer.

If this story was any more classy I’d have to rent a tux.

This story makes me want to break out the old chestnut of you need a license to own a dog but any idiot can have a kid.

Thanks to Cynthia for the tip.

Another drunk Breeder lets his kid drive

Reno police: Intoxicated man arrested after letting son, 11, drive car:

Not a lot of detail on this one but police in Reno, Nevada arrested Carl Richard Buchanan for allegedly being drunk while letting his 11-year-old son drive him home. Luckily no one was hurt.

To be honest the real reason I wanted to post this story was because of the mugshot and so I could give one of my infamous panty bunching statements.

Soul patches are for douchebags.

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Mom makes 13-year-old drive because she was drunk

XXX-jugMom’s designated driver: her 13-year-old son:

32-year-old Heather Choulos and her boyfriend got bombed at a restaurant in San Anselmo, California. Both have prior convictions for DUI. Rather than doing the sensible thing of calling a cab or not getting drunk when they know they have to drive they allegedly made Choulos’ 13-year-old son drive.

Apparently he couldn’t handle the pressure of driving a Land Rover with two drunk adults in the vehicle and stopped the SUV in the middle of the street.

Good for him, he probably saved everyone’s life by doing that.

6-year-old drove because mom smoked the stinky stuff

LakishaHogue6-Year-Old Drives After Mom Smokes “That Stinky Stuff”:

Police: 6-Year-Old Driver Says Mom Was ‘Smoking The Smelly Stuff’:

Is that a mugshot of the year candidate or what?

Anyway, that my friends is 30-year-old Lakisha Hogue of Coatesville, Pa. She was arrested after the Dodge Durango she was riding in was pulled over. The reason her SUV was pulled over is because her 6-year-old daughter was driving it.

Officer Robert Keetch said he had to do a double take after seeing the little girl driving. “There were two white knuckles and a little head popping over the stearing wheel,” he said.

Hogue was allegedly laughing her ass off when police pulled the vehicle over. The girl told police that she was driving because her mom was ‘tired’. However when police contacted her aunt the girl admitted that Hogue was smoking ‘the stinky stuff’. Hogue allegedly said she was teaching her daughter to drive. I didn’t know you could get your learner’s permit at 6 in Pennsylvania.

I’m curious to know where they were driving from and to. So not only did Hogue more than likely tell her daughter to lie to police but a Dodge Durango is not a small car. So because her need to get high was greater than the need to keep her child safe she put her daughter’s and God knows how many other drivers’ and pedestrians’ lives in danger.

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7-year-old designated driver

Troopers: 7-year-old was mom’s designated driver:

37-year-old Karen K. Koch (nice initials) of Fairbanks, Alaska was arrested for letting her 7-year-old son drive the car while she was drunk. Not only was she drunk but police say that she was also passed out. When police finally caught up with her and woke her ass up she didn’t see what the big deal was.

Not surprisingly she has previous DUI offenses and failed a sobriety check that night.

What is surprising is that she still has her kid as far as I can tell and only had to pay $250 to get out of jail.

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Drunk dad lets 8-year-old drive van

Father charged when 8-year-old driver causes damage:

This story is almost comical if it wasn’t so dangerous.

34-year-old Mark A. Belanger of Sarasota, Fla. was arrested in Bradenton for letting his 8-year-old son drive his van. He claimed he was ‘feeling woozy’ and wanted to have a bonding moment with his son. The son then proceeded to take out two trees and almost hit a couple of pedestrians.

When police rolled up dear old dad fell literally flat on his face. The mugshot confirms that. The boy said his father was taking ‘liquid medicine’ which turned out to be a bottle of Canadian whiskey.

There’s nothing like jeopardizing not only your son’s life but those of innocent bystanders just so you could get your drink on. I have no sympathy for drunks like this.

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Guy makes 9-year-old take him to the liquor store

9-year-old makes beer run; dad charged with child abuse:

The driving age in most states is 16. In New Jersey it’s 17 and I think one of the Dakotas has a driving age of 14. Still, none of those are 9-years-old.

That didn’t matter to Joshua Fagan of Cape Coral, Florida. When Fagan needed to make a beer run on Thanksgiving he was already half in the bag. Rather than driving himself or, God forbid, actually going without beer for a day, Fagan made his 9-year-old son drive the truck. Police pulled them over three blocks from the house and there was an open case in the vehicle. Fagan allegedly told police he didn’t do anything wrong.

The local news station, whose article I’ve linked to, decided they would tell his neighbors about Fagan’s arrest. If you can’t find news make it, right? Anyway let’s see what one of his neighbors said…

Jim and Leslie Gower say Josh Fagan is a good father. “They go camping, they go fishing, they love each other,” Leslie Gower says. “I know he’s a good father, but he’s probably stressed,” Jim Gower adds. “He lost his job in construction, his wife divorced him, and he takes care of two sons.”

Cry me a freakin’ river. It’s enablers like this in our society that allow actions like this to continue. Would they have said the same thing if the 9-year-old ended up flipping the truck and killing everyone inside it?

I don’t care if Hitler kicked his dog. Your child’s well being should be a much higher priority than getting your drink on.