Breeder gambles while son is towed away in repo'd car

Elizabeth Tato

Tow truck repossesses car, unaware of boy inside:

Tow truck repossesses car, unaware of boy inside:

I grew up in the Atlantic City area. I also come from a family of successful gamblers. The one thing you learn in that kind of environment is that you never gamble to pay the bills. Apparently no one ever told that to Elizabeth Tato of Sanford, Florida.

Tato was in what the article calls a strip mall casino. If Florida has the same places that North Carolina has calling it a casino is a compliment. These are usually what they call sweepstakes places that have moved into a lot of low rent strip malls. There are no slot machines or gaming tables. Just a bunch of computers playing pre-determined sweepstakes type games.

So Tato was busy being ripped off when the friendly neighborhood repo man towed her car from the parking lot. What the repo man didn’t know is that Tato’s 11-year-old son was inside the car at the time.

As usual when kids are left in cars Tato allegedly claims that she was only in there for 15 minutes while the security guard says that she was in there at least for an hour.

Apparently she had no problem gambling with the welfare of her child.

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Mom was turning tricks while baby was left in car

Prostitute left baby in car while she worked, deputies say:

30-year-old Latosha Yeadon was arrested in Tampa, Florida for turning tricks while she left her 3-month old baby in her car. The window was cracked an inch and luckily it wasn’t a mad hot day that day in Florida.

Luckily a maintenance worker saw the baby in the car and was able to pry the window open.

Since the baby was 3-months-old it makes me wonder how long she waited after birth before she started turning tricks again or was she giving handjobs in the hospital parking lot after delivery.

Yeadon says she arranged to meet her client over the internet. Craigslist maybe?

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Dr. Pervy Leaveskidincar DDS

Dentist goes to strip club, leaves infant in car:

I’ve been noticing a theme in my infrequent posts lately. People you would think are smart enough not to commit child abuse and neglect. First we had a lawyer, then a teacher, now we have a dentist.

Now the joke is that dentists are just doctors who couldn’t get into med school. However I worked in dental insurance and it can be a very complicated.

But when you’re thinking with the lower instrument it can make you short bus stupid.

For example take dental surgeon Dr. Omar Abdo. He was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida for leaving his 8-month-old baby in his Jeep while he went into a strip club. This was after Midnight by the way. The Jeep had the windows rolled up and it was running.

Luckily an officer on foot discovered the baby in the car and when the car was opened the baby was face down in a bassinet crying.

Abdo claims that he was in the club for just a second but video surveillance allegedly shows that he was in the club for hours.

Like I said, smart enough to know better but too stupid to realize it.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Lawyer mom leaves kid in car at Wally World

Pregnant Long Island mother leaves tot idling in car as she shops at Walmart:

32-year-old Alona Sulman of Long Island is not only a lawyer but she’s also nine months pregnant. So you would think that she would know better than to allegedly leave her 2-year-old daughter in the car for 30 minutes while she was in WalMart.

A passerby dialed 911, and cops were waiting when she returned toting several bags of merchandise.

I wonder if the bargains were worth the year in jail that she’s facing.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Man loses stepson while searching for drugs

Police: Man leaves boy in car, looks for drugs:

Dino Vicente of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania allegedly went to the Kensington section of Philadelphia to score some drugs. I use to live one neighborhood over from Kensington, it’s not hard to find drugs there.

Anyway police say that Vicente found some drugs, took said drugs then forgot where he parked his car. You know, the car that had his 6-year-old stepson in it. This was around 9PM. I don’t even like going into Kensington during the day but then again I’m not an addict.

Vicente finally gave up and flagged down Philly’s finest. It wasn’t until 6:30 when the car and the boy were found.

Considering this happened in Kensington I’m surprised that the car wasn’t up on blocks by time they found it…and on fire.

Luckily the boy was unharmed.

3-year-old left in car so man could see movie

Dad left 3-year-old in car while going to movies, say police:

Police in Newington, New Hampshire arrested 37-year-old Christopher Lunny for allegedly leaving his 3-year-old son in the car while he went to see a movie. Luckily the child was unharmed.

I couldn’t find exactly what movie Lunny sacrificed the safety of his child to go see but I’m sure it was some type of cinematic masterpiece like Crank 2 of Fast and The Furious 4.

Thanks to Teri for the tip.

Tot in Car, Step-Dad in Bar

Tot in Car, Step-Dad in Bar:

I hate to steal a headline from the media but that one was too good.

Anyway, that’s 22-year-old Bryant Rivera of Dallas, Texas. He felt it was necessary to leave his 3-year-old stepson in the car while he got his drink on from 9pm to 2:30am. But it’s ok because he left the kid with a Dr. Pepper and a video playing in the car.

Being a stepfather myself I know that sometimes you have to try harder to gain your stepkids’ acceptance. Apparently this assclown didn’t bother trying.

Thanks to Michelle for the tip.

Drug dealing breeders left kid in car covered by clothes

CPS Seizes Kids After DPD Makes Shocking Discovery:

19-year-old Sofia Morales and 27-year-old Alberto Solis were arrested by Dallas, TX police on child endangerment and drug charges. Police noticed the smell of weed coming out of their SUV. In the SUV police found a five-month-old boy still strapped in the car seat under a pile of clothes. Morales allegedly came running from the house she was in yelling “That’s my baby and truck!” Police say the baby was “motionless, covered in blisters, sores and bandages.” She claimed the baby has a rare skin disease.

Anyway, the pair were allegedly in a house selling and using drugs when police were searching the SUV. When their home was searched they found two rifles, meth, and weed in the house along with two more kids ages 3 and 4.

When asked about the meth Solis reportedly said “I have the ice to make some money for my family.”

Here’s a thought. Instead of dealing drugs to make money for your family how about…oh I don’t know…GETTING A FREAKING JOB.

Thanks to Carrie for the tip.

La. man gambles with his parental rights

Baby Left In Car While Dad Gambled, Police Say:

27-year-old Craig Bychurch of Larose, La. was arrested for leaving his 3-month-old baby in the car while he gambled at a casino. After his arrest the baby was given to the mother who happened to be at work at the time. So she’s pulling in the dough while he’s wasting it at a casino. Not much of a man right there.

Bychurch has been previously arrested for various charges including failure to register as a sex offender.

He’s been court ordered to stay away from the baby which may be best for everyone.

Thanks to super tipper LadyJade for the tip.

Woman leaves 3-year-old in the car while she goes shopping

Police say mom left toddler in car for an hour to shop:

25-year-old Breeana S. Wilson was arrested in Spokane, Washington for leaving her 3-year-old daughter in an unlocked car while she went shopping in Burlington Coat Factory.

When the girl woke up she started honking the horn and two people came to her aid and called police.

The temperature was only 46 but still the car was unlocked so anybody could have taken that girl.

What was so damn important in Burlington Coat Factory that she felt it was necessary to leave her 3-year-old unattended in an unlocked car?

Thanks again to LadyJade for the tip.