Semantics will kill your children


The anti-vaping crowds are just full of concern trolls aren’t they?

The latest are people who feel the number of different names for e-cigarettes and vaporizers are fooling our children into getting hooked on nicotine.

“They’re sort of a camouflage. A lot of kids who would never be associated with a cigarette are perfectly happy to use a ‘vape pen’,” said Dr. Glynn. “Youth, as well as adults, may be somewhat confused by it.”

“If we just say, ‘do you use an e-cigarette?’ Many youth will say, ‘no I don’t use an e-cigarette,’” said Dr. Glynn. “What we won’t have is the good information we need about who is using, how long have they been using and so on if we don’t use the correct terminology.”

They’re not giving teens enough credits. They know exactly what they’re saying. Teenagers are the rulers of semantics in this world. If you ask a teen if there is going to be beer at a party they’ll say no because they’re all going to be drinking whiskey.

People need to let go of this conspiracy that vaping and e-cigs are marketed towards kids. All the marketing that I’ve seen and heard is aimed towards one group of people, smokers. If a teenager is old enough to smoke he’s old enough to vape and if he or she used to smoke while not the perfect solution is a much better alternative than cigarettes.

Should you vape in front of your kids?


In this piece from an Irish news site a woman over-reacts to her 3-year-old play smoking and somehow connects it to vaping. However she does bring up a valid question. Is it ok to vape in front of your children? That depends. When you smoke did your kids know about it?

Since I’ve had kids I smoked outside. I smoked outside because of them. Not only did I not want them to pick up my filthy habit but I didn’t want them getting secondhand smoke. Unfortunately my habit was so bad that I did smoke with them in the car. (Yeah, I know. I’m worse than Hitler.) Unfortunately both of them did pick up the habit and I do blame myself for that, but I digress.

If your kids know that you smoked I don’t see a problem with them knowing that you vape especially if you explain it to them that this is what helped you to quit smoking. Also explain to them that while vaping is less harmful than smoking it’s not something that they should be doing. It should only be used by people looking to kick the habit of smoking.