Kik child porn group moderator: “Let’s keep it to 5-year-olds guys”

Kik child porn group moderator: "Let's keep it to 5-year-olds guys"
Justin Wayne Reid II

As you’re probably tired of hearing me mention, the mobile messaging app Kik has been documented to be crawling with sex offenders and pedophiles. More recently, it seems Kik has an even bigger problem with child porn collectors who occupy an increasing number of secret rooms among Kik dedicated to trading the vile imagery.

One such man who allegedly ran one of those groups was 56-year-old Justin Wayne Reid II of Campbell County, Virginia. Reid is accused of running a Kik chat room where the images of girls as young as 10 were said to be traded. Of course, Reid was said to be found with his own personal collection of child porn. However, it appears that Reid must have had somewhat of a conscience as he put his foot down as moderator

In the chat sessions, the warrant showed that Reid posted the following statement: “New Year, New Rule. Nothing under age of 5 allowed. Lets keep it 5 to 18.”

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Yes, because a 4-year-old being violated is so much more worse than a 5-year-old being violated, and yes that is indeed sarcasm. However, that’s how these deviants justify their repugnant behavior, much like the guy who called his child porn ‘nudist pictures’.

In case that’s not disturbing enough, I wonder how many of the girls in the group’s pictures gave these cretins their pictures through Kik since the app is so popular with teens? If you’re a parent and not checking for Kik and apps like it, it’s time to get on the ball before images of your kids end up in the hands of guys who draw the line at 4-year-olds.

Buffalo babysitter charged with sharing child porn on Kik

Buffalo babysitter charged with sharing child porn on Kik

There’s not a lot of detail on this story, but federal authorities say that Shane Michael Aurand was working as a babysitter in Buffalo, New York, when he allegedly shared child porn with an undercover agent on the mobile messaging app Kik. To answer your next question, sadly, it is believed that Aurand produced the child porn using a child he was babysitting. He also allegedly said that he would send the agent more child porn if he received some in return. Not to get off topic, but he sounds like the kind of babysitter someone would hire off of craigslist, but I digress.

As I’ve said in the past, Kik is one of the most commonly used apps by sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn traders. Unfortunately, sometimes those groups are also inhabited by babysitters. Choose wisely.

Kik kiddie porn collector claims PTSD

Kik kiddie porn collector claims PTSD
Randall Boyd Tyler

33-year-old Randall Boyd Tyler, of Collinsville, Oklahoma, was recently arrested for allegedly trading child porn on the mobile messaging app Kik. Homeland Security says that Tyler was using the Kik screen name of “young_country83” in order to engage in the trading of the explicit images. Tyler denied sharing the images, but admits to viewing the images with possibly one of the worst excuses possible.

Tyler allegedly told investigators that the images and videos help him cope with “anxiety due to military combat tours overseas,” according to the report.

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With all due respect that I have for the military and the empathy I have for people with mental illnesses, you’ll have to excuse me if I say that’s a crock of shit. Not only that, but it does a massive disservice to those who have served who are trying to cope with PTSD on a daily basis. This is along the lines of school shooters and killers who try to blame their actions on Asperger’s Syndrome, saying it made them kill. You’re just trying to garner sympathy while being caught for one of the worst crimes you can imaginably be apprehended for.

While Kik can issue statements saying that they detect, report and delete known child exploitation images, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the top app used by sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn traders. If you see the icon that I’ve posted above among your children’s apps, they could potentially be victimized by any number of these online offenders.

Kik kreeper convinces girl to run away from California to Texas

Kik kreeper convinces girl to run away from California to Texas
Ash Morgan Arthur

32-year-old Ash Morgan Arthur, of Harris County, Texas, was recently arrested when it was found that he allegedly had a 15-year-old girl living in his house. Arthur is accused of meeting the California girl on the mobile messaging app Kik before convincing the girl to run away from Woodland, California to Texas.

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I’m extremely curious as to how the girl got to Texas from California considering it’s a trip that’s almost 2,000 miles by car. Did he buy her a plane ticket, or more likely a bus ticket? Did he make the 4,000 mile round trip from Texas to California and back again to pick her up from her home? It’s not unheard of for online predators to go to such lengths to procure their victims.

Of course it was determined that Arthur was ‘having sex’ with the girl, or as it should be called, child rape. This should come as no surprise, considering Kik is rampant with sex offenders and pedophiles. Again, because this app is so popular among teens, and even pre-teens, it’s become a veritable hunting ground for predators. If this app is on your child’s phone, you should be concerned with whom they might be talking to. You may trust your child, but do you trust the stranger on the other end? You shouldn’t.

Kik kiddie porn kreeper was substitute teacher and coach at the Y

Kik kiddie porn kreeper was substitute teacher and coach at the Y

22-year-old Jameson B. Clevenger, of Greenfield, Massachusetts, was recently arrested for allegedly trading child porn on the mobile messaging app Kik. He reportedly told police he had been trading child porn on Kik for about a year or two. What’s more interesting is that he said that the images were part of a fantasy and that he would never act on it. Really? I find that hard to believe.

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The reason I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t act on it is because he held two different positions that put him close to children. Clevenger was not only a substitute teacher, but was also a gymnastics instructor at the local YMCA. While his charges did not stem from either job, one could speculate that he may have chosen those professions because of his predilections. The Y even issued a statement saying they do thorough background checks but Clevenger’s record was clean up until this point. The school did a similar background check and also found nothing. Unfortunately in this day and age, it could mean that they just haven’t been caught yet.

This is the part where I tell you that Kik is a haven for not only sex offenders and pedophiles, but also has a prolific community of child porn traders. It’s also an app that is popular among kids and teens. Because of these two things, every parent should be concerned if this app is found on any of their children’s devices.

Man tries claiming that child porn was ‘legal nudist pictures’

Man tries claiming that child porn was 'legal nudist pictures'
Donald Herbert Webb Jr.

68-year-old Donald Herbert Webb Jr., of Manchester Township, Pennsylvania, was arrested for allegedly trading child porn on both Twitter and mobile messaging app Kik. The excuse Webb is said to have given police is a unique one but one that’s not unheard of. Webb claims that he is a third generation nudist and that the images he was said to be found in possession of are ‘legal nudist pictures’. Webb reportedly went even as far to tell police that has received images of children that were of a ‘sexual nature’, but Webb claims that he would just pass those along and that he wasn’t ‘into them’. Someone may want to break it to him, that’s also a crime.

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As I previously stated, while I haven’t heard it in a long time, this is not the first time I’ve heard the nudist defense used before. Back in my pre-blogging days, I used a set-top box known as a Web TV in order to access the internet. One of the great features of the Web TV network is that it allowed easy access to the Usenet newsgroups. These were a precursor to message boards and were mostly used for discussions on a particular topic, but could also be used to trade pornography both legal and illegal. One day Web TV cut off access to the illegal newsgroups, and a number of their users complained that they had wrongly blocked access to, you guessed it, legal nudist pictures. The bottom line is that you’re not fooling anyone with that claim. It’s right up there with “you have to tell me if you’re a cop.”

What’s not surprising is that Kik was used in this instance. As I have mentioned in virtually every Kik story I post, Kik is inundated with sex offenders and pedophiles. It’s also a known haven child porn traders. Considering this is a popular app among children, this should be more than a cause for concern.

L.A. County Kik kreeper extorted girls into sex

L.A. County Kik kreeper extorted girls into sex
Josh Manuel Magana

27-year-old Josh Manuel Magana, of Whittier, California, is accused of allegedly extorting under age girls into sex using the mobile messaging app Kik.

Here’s what parents and kids need to know about how Magana is said to have found one of his victims…

Detectives said 27-year-old Josh Manuel Magana had learned enough about the victim through her social media posts to convince her that he knew where she lived and what school she attended.

As I’ve said before, online predators don’t need very much information from your kids’ social media accounts to find out where they live, work or go to school. The most innocent picture could provide them with the information they may need. Anyway, back to Magana.

Using the screen name “thegiftedmonster”, Magana reportedly threatened his victim into sending him explicit pictures. Once he received the pictures, he then threatened the victim into having sex with him or he would make the pictures public. One of his victims didn’t even come forward until she was contacted by police. Magana is accused of using this scheme to sexually assault both a 16 and 17-year-old girl in two separate incidents, but let’s be honest, this is nothing short of rape.

Police believe that Magana may have more victims…

Detectives said they believe Magana has more victims, and urged anyone who had been contacted by “thegiftedmonster” to call the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force at (323) 526-5156.

Magana is being held on close to $1M bail.

Las Vegas man accused of being craigslist and Kik kreeper

Las Vegas man accused of being craigslist and Kik kreeper
Mario Alston

38-year-old Mario Alston, of Las Vegas, is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl from nearby Henderson, Nevada. Alston allegedly placed an ad on craigslist that the victim is said to have responded to. The contents of the ad are as of yet unknown, however, the conversation soon moved to the mobile messaging app Kik, where the victim is said to have given Alston her address. When the girl’s parents weren’t home Alston reportedly went to the home and sexually assaulted the girl.

I know this sounds like just another Kik kreeper, because the app is rampant with sex offenders and pedophiles, but there is something I wanted to address from the article I linked to.

Detectives say Alston and the 13-year-old started communicating non-stop on the “Kik” app. It’s an app where messages can be hidden from parents.

Emphasis mine.

While Kik is a preferred tool of predators, the messages are only hidden from parents if parents choose not to check their kids’ phones. Despite all of its faults it’s not an app designed to be hidden from parents, you just have to now what to look for. I’ve even included a picture of what the app icon looks like at right. Both Android phones and iPhones have a button that list all the apps that are on the phone. Don’t just rely on the apps that are on the phone’s main screen. Again, you may trust your child, but do you trust the strangers they may be talking to?

Who watches the watchmen?: Kik kreeper cop told girl to stop crying in pictures

Who watches the watchmen?: Kik kreeper cop told girl to stop crying in pictures
Chris Wilbanks

Chris Wilbanks was a Sergeant with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina. That was until he was arrested for allegedly using the mobile messaging app Kik in order to extort explicit pictures from an 11-year-old girl from Washington.

Using the screen name of ‘Redneck Rick’, Wilbanks is said to have posed as a 14-year-old boy who went to the victim’s school.

Wilbanks asked the girl for photos of her wearing athletic apparel and a swimsuit. Eventually, Wilbanks asked for nude photos of the girl, court records state.

The girl refused at first, but Wilbanks told her he would show the photos to other people unless she sent more, according to the court records.

Court records indicate the girl was visibly upset and crying in several of the images. Wilbanks told her not to look so upset and to smile, according to those records.


Police in Washington were alerted to the messages by the victim’s mother. Homeland Security then became involved in the investigation, which led to the arrest of Wilbanks.

If there is anything lower than a pedophile it has to be someone who’s entrusted to defend the public who’s also a pedophile. Let’s also not forget that no 11-year-old needs to be on Kik, not only becuause Kik’s terms of service require their users to be older, but also because Kik is a hive of sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors. All your kids need to be on Kik is a phone or tablet and a wi-fi connection.

UPDATE 2/11/2017: This past Thursday, Wilbanks was ordered to remain in custody after he allegedly destroyed evidence. He also cried in court. Authorities say that he also communicated with his victim on Kik while on duty.

He’s looking at 15 to 30 years behind bars.

Isaac Kemp may be the ultimate Kik kreeper

Isaac Kemp may be the ultimate Kik kreeper

I really wanted to find a mugshot of this creep, but I couldn’t find one with 100% certainty that it was him, but I digress.

44-year-old Isaac Kemp of Draper, Utah, has been charged with 65 felonies in the state of Utah concerning the solicitation of two underage girls from Nebraska and North Carolina, but that description barely scratches the surface.

Kemp is also accused of allegedly raping an underage girl from Nebraska after posing as a 16-year-old boy on Kik. After collecting several explicit pictures and videos of the girl he then reportedly told her that his ‘uncle’ would be coming to visit her and that she would have to have sex with him in order to get her ‘experienced’. Police say that he raped the girl in a Nebraska hotel room and gave her morning after pills. Kemp was originally charged with $1 million bail in Nebraska, but it was lowered and he was then able to post bail.

In the North Carolina case, Kemp was allegedly exchanging explicit pictures with a 12-year-old girl on Kik. So far no charges have been filed in North Carolina.


Kemp was said to have been very particular with his electronics when it came to other members of his family…

“In an interview with Kemp’s wife, she said she suspected that something was going on with Kemp, as far back as several years. She said Kemp disappears frequently to the bathroom while at home for long periods of time, and he takes his phone with him,” the charges state. “Kemp’s wife said that Kemp is very private with his cellphone and that no one is allowed to look at it and no one other than Kemp knows the pass code.”

This reminds me of a time where a former co-worker came to me and asked me advice about their friend’s peculiar behavior about their computer. This was in a day before smart phones were the norm. She said that her friend would never let his wife or kids use the computer, and it was always password protected. I said he’s either having an affair or he’s into child porn. Sadly, it was the latter, and the guy ended up going away for a long time leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves.

As you should know by now, Kik is teeming with sex offenders and pedophiles, and as shown here they will go to preposterous extremes in order to violate your children. They will traverse great distances, spend extravagant amounts of money, and make up the most cockamamie stories just to get what they want from children. If you’re not watching your kids’ online habits, they are.

UPDATE 2/9/2017: Thanks to reader Kate who was able to find a mughost of Kemp.

Isaac Kemp