Daddy’s Stick

Couple sentenced for abusing toddler:

28-year-old Michael Jason Michelet of Yuba City, California has been sentenced to 12 years for torturing his girlfriend’s then 2-year-old daughter. When the girl was taken to the hospital she had a fractured skull bite marks and bruising. Michelet and his girlfriend, 29-year-old Kimberly Ann Northup, claimed that the girl ‘fell out of bed’. The only way I see that remotely even happening is if the bed was 30 feet up over a pit of vipers. Of course neither police nor doctors believed that story and the pair was arrested.

Michelet is believed to have done most if not all of the abuse. One of the other children in the home claimed that Michelet had a piece of wood that he used called ‘Daddy’s Stick’.

The child did survive and was placed in another home.

The birth organism was previously sentenced to only two years. In my opinion both sentences are a joke but the two year sentences for Northup is an even bigger joke. I think being complicit in the knowledge of child abuse is just as bad as the abuse itself.

They need to hand out harsher sentences to child abusers to send a message.

Thanks to Lazar Wolf (coolest name ever) for the tip.