Backpage child pimp busted. Yes, it was in Washington


Man busted for selling minors as prostitutes on


The FBI recently arrested 22-year-old DeMarquez Xavier Austin, aka ‘Chaos’, for allegedly prostituting two girls, ages 15 and 16, on Backpage in King County, Washington.

According to reports Austin knew exactly what he was doing by turning out the girls. He allegedly said “he could get into serious trouble for pimping out a teenager.”

So if the FBI is on these cases why are these arrests hardly ever reported outside of the state of Washington? As I’ve mentioned before Washington has been very on the ball about trying to get Backpage to stop participating in sex trafficking trade so it would make sense that it would be reported in Washington. Yet rarely do we hear about these arrests in other parts of the country. These stories need to be heard. People need to know that child sexual slavery is going on in all parts of our country and Backpage needs to be held accountable for making it so easy.

WA backpage pimp charged with child rape


Charge: Online pimp rented out, raped runaway girl:

29-year-old David J. Anderson of Yakima, Washington has not only been charged in King County for allegedly prostituting a 14-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media owned but he’s also been charged with raping the girl as well.

When Anderson was arrested by the King County Sheriff’s Office he allegedly used the “I thought she was 19” defense when Sheriffs say that the girl obviously appears to be underage.

First I have to commend the Seattle Post Intelligencer for not only using the word rape in their headline and article but also using the word rent in their headline. That’s was sex trafficking comes down to, rent and rape. Not only do these pimps and traffickers usually rape the girls that work for them but they also rent them out to be raped by anyone willing to fork over the cash.

But continue being part of the ‘solution’ Backpage, you’re doing a hell of a job.

Another SeaTac backpage pimp busted


KC Prosecutors: Using, Pimp Forced Woman Into Prostitution:

Today’s contestant on SeaTac backpage pimp round-up is 23-year-old Lavelle Kenneth Johnson. He was arrested for allegedly forcing a woman into backpage prostitution by beating her and possibly raping her repeatedly. When Johnson was stopped by police in King County he had several different cell phones with one that was on the log in screen.

But it’s all about backpage’s right to free speech right? Nevermind that they’re making their money from traffickers and rapists who are nothing more than modern-day slave traders. It’s all about backpage right?