Accused child pornographer claims religion forbids him from viewing evidence


23-year-old David Silverman of Rockland County, NY is accused of meeting some 14 and 15-year-old girls over MySpace, getting them drunk, then filming them having sex with him and two of his buddies. But criminals being what they are his friends fled to Israel leaving Silverman holding the bag so to speak. When the NYPD caught up with Silverman he thought his hard drive was wiped clean but investigators were able to lift pictures off the hard drive implicating the alleged pedophile trio.

Here’s the catch. Silverman was brought up in a Hasidic Jewish family. However he left the Hasidic lifestyle in his teens. He got tattooed all over his body along with multiple piercings and was known as “DJ Rings” and “King Dingling” in the New York rave scene. Now he claims that he’s devoutly Hasidic again and that his religion forbids him from viewing the evidence against him.

To make it even better his lawyer is saying that the girls didn’t represent themselves as their true age. In layman’s terms that’s the ‘she said she was 18’ defense.

I can see this as an episode of Law & Order SVU any day now.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one to see how it develops.