Why a metal song was never written about King Kong

Here’s a scary look into the way my mind works.

I was at The Sweatshop and while I was busy being a wage slave I was listening to Blue Oyster Cult on my MP3 player. Specifically I was listening to the awesome classic Godzilla.

So I thought to myself why hasn’t a song as awesome as this one not been written about King Kong.

Then I tried to come up with lyrics for a song about King Kong. That’s when I realized the problem. I could not write lyrics without my mind regressing to that of an 8-year-old and using the tried and true rhyming lyrics of King Kong plays ping-pong with his ding-dong in Hong Kong.

So I went back to listening to BOC and that’s when I realized that the childish King Kong rhyme fits in with the bass line of Godzilla.

Think about this the next time you listen to Godzilla.

KING KONG likes to play PING PONG with his DING DONG while inside HONG KONG.

I hope I didn’t ruin the song for you now.