Indian man rapes daughter for years

Ghoulish guardians, at home and in school Dad rapes girl for luck with ‘mom’s consent’:

50-year-old Kishore Bachhubhai Chauhan was arrested for raping his daughter for close to a decade. The daughter, who is now 21, had been raped by her own father since the age of 12. Chauhan’s wife, Anjana, 46, was also arrested for allowing the rapes to happen.

Chauhan raped his daughter on the advice of an astrologer by the name of Hasmukh Rathod claiming that it would bring Chauhan financial prosperity. In turn Rathod raped both of Chauhan’s daughters. Rathod has also been arrested.

I don’t care what superstitions you believe in. How greedy do you have to be to not only rape your own daughter, you let someone else rape your daughters, and your wife, their mother, let’s you do it.

Thanks to Jinx for the tip.