3rd suspect sentenced in craigslist home invasion murder


100-year sentence for man convicted in Craigslist shooting:

After being convicted earlier this month in the home invasion murder of James Sanders, 20-year-old Joshua Reese was sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Previously I thought that Reese was only looking at 71 years but this is even better.

James Sanders widow, Charlene Sanders, puts it best…

“I’m in my jail every day when I don’t have my husband and my boys don’t have their father,” she said. “So I think justice was served.”

Reese is not the only suspect to get a century in jail. The gunman who murdered James Sanders, Kiyoshi Higashi, was sentenced to 124 years.

The last suspect, Clabon Berniard, is expected to go on trial sometime later this year.

3rd suspect convicted in craigslist home invasion murder


Third guilty verdict in Craigslist killing case:

20-year-old Joshua Reese was found guilty today in the home invasion murder of James Sanders in Edgewood, Washington. Reese was part of the 4 man team that stormed the house of Mr. Sanders after he posted a diamond ring for sale on craigslist.

Previously Kiyoshi Higashi, the gunman who shot Mr. Sanders, was convicted and sentenced to over 100 years. Amanda Knight was convicted and sentenced to 71 years.

Reese is also looking at 71 years and is scheduled to be sentenced on June 28th.

2nd person convicted in craigslist home invasion killing


Jury Convicts Woman Of Murder In Edgewood Craigslist Killing:

In the state of Washington last week a jury convicted Amanda Knight in the murder of James Sanders. Sanders had advertised a diamond ring for sale on craigslist and became the victim of a home invasion where he was killed. Sanders was shot and killed by Amanda Knight’s boyfriend Kiyoshi Higashi who had been previously convicted for James Sanders’ murder and was sentenced to 124 years.

Clabon T. Berniard and Joshua Reese are still awaiting trial.

Craigslist home invasion killer convicted and sentenced


Gunman in Craigslist murder sentenced to 109 years:

Kiyoshi Higashi was the gunman who shot and killed James Sanders during a botched craigslist home invasion in Edgewood, Washington. Mr Sanders was selling a ring on craigslist when Higashi and his cohorts used the craigslist ad to set up a home invasion where Mr. Sanders ended up being shot and killed.

This past week not only was Higashi convicted in the murder of James Sanders but he was also sentenced to 109 years behind bars.

Higashi’s defense was that he wasn’t in the room at the time the gun was fired. He might have well just said that it wasn’t him.

Outside of a death sentence 109 years suits me just fine.

The rest of Higashi’s cohorts are still awaiting trial.

UPDATE: Other outlets are reporting that Higashi got 124 years and at his sentencing he said that only God can judge him. Why is it that I normally only here criminals and other trash say that? No, a judge can judge you and they did and gave you 100+ years.

He also called the judge a racist admitted that he killed James Sanders and claimed that he prayed for Sanders as he killed him. Well his soul better belong to Jesus because his ass is going to belong to his celly.

Home invasion shooter taunts victim’s family


Accused Craigslist gunman taunts victim’s family in court:

The accused gunman who allegedly shot and killed James Sanders in a botched home invasion was said to have taunted the victim’s family in court on Wednesday.

Kiyoshi Higashi is said to have laughed and smirked at the Sanders family during his court appearance. It got so bad Higashi had to be removed from the courtroom. While he was being removed he hurled obscenities at James Sanders widow.

As you may recall the Sanders family advertised a diamond ring for sale on craigslist which led to Higashi and others to perform a home invasion of the Sanders household where James Sanders was shot and killed.

Washington State does have the death penalty. I hope they hand it down to Higashi to wipe that smirk off his face.

Girlfriend of James Sanders’ gunman charged

Charges Filed Against Girlfriend of Accused Gunman In Deadly Craigslist Robbery:

A fifth person has been charged in connection with the craigslist home invasion murder of James Sanders. 18-year-old Jenna Nicole Ford is the girlfriend of Kiyoshi Higashi. Higashi is the alleged gunman that actually shot and killed Mr. Sanders.

Ford had been questioned before in a different murder investigation and allegedly had the knowledge on how to throw police off the trail.

Prosecutors allege Ford helped Higashi, Amanda Knight and Joshua Reese clean out the car driven to and from the Sanders’ home. They removed zip ties, cords and receipts from the vehicle in the hours after the shooting. “Jenna reported that she has been questioned in the past by police about a murder so she knew what evidence to get rid of,” charging documents state. “

Jenna reported she did not touch anything in the car because she did not want her fingerprints in the car.”

Ford told Reese and Knight about a nearby Dumpster, where they could throw away their clothing. Higashi reportedly spent the night of April 28 with Ford and the two kept checking the Internet for the status of the investigation.

Ford is also claiming that she tipped off Crime Stoppers. So she not only instructed them on how to clean out the car but she also called Crime Stoppers? Seems counterintuitive if you ask me.

She’s been charged with three counts of first-degree rendering criminal assistance.

Update on craigslist home invasion murder

Craigslist Killing Suspect Seen Sobbing In Jail Cell:

Awwwww, isn’t this a shame. Amanda Knight, one of the suspects in the craigslist home invasion murder of James Sanders, was crying when she surrendered to police. Don’t you feel sorry for her?

I’m sure no one was crying at James Sanders’ house the night he was killed. Suck it up bitch. You knew what you were getting into now a man is dead because of your greed.

And what the hell were you going to use the money for anyway. Nothing that is worth a man’s life I’m sure.

Wash. Craigslist killing suspects plead not guilty:

All four suspects in the case, Knight, along with Clabon T. Berniard, who surrendered to police, Kiyoshi Higashi and Joshua Reese have all entered pleas of not guilty. They are all being held on bonds of $2M each.

Police also believe that Higashi was the actual triggerman in James Sanders murder.

4th craigslist home invasion murder suspect ID’d

4th Suspect Identified, Charged In Craigslist Murder:

A 4th suspect has been named in the craigslist home invasion murder of James Sanders.

Police say that 23-year-old Clabon Berniard is wanted on first degree murder charges and a nationwide warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Already in custody are Joshua Nathan Reese, 20, Kiyoshi Alan Higashi, 22, and Amanda Knight, 21.

Knight has had her bond set at $2M while her cohorts Reese and Higashi are not fighting extradition from California to Washington.

All three of them have also pleaded not guilty.

Wash. home invasion murder suspects captured

Three charged in deadly Craigslist robbery:

Three suspects in the deadly craigslist home invasion in Edgewood, Washington have been captured.

Joshua Nathan Reese, 20, Kiyoshi Alan Higashi, 22, and Amanda Knight, 21, have all been arrested and charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of James Sanders.

As you may recall Sanders was shot and killed after his family advertised a diamond ring for sale on craigslist. This allegedly brought the trio to Sanders’ home posing as buyers. Sanders was shot and killed trying to defend his teen age son after the son was pistol whipped.

All three were arrested in California after a traffic stop produced stolen tags and a firearm in the car. Knight was able to bail herself out before police could connect them to the Washington murder however she turned herself in on Tuesday.

Police believe there may be other suspects involved as well.

Committing murder during a robbery is a capital offense in Washington and can be punishable by death. Washington state also still has a working gallows if the convicted chooses to go that way.