Grow operation in baby’s room

Marijuana found growing in baby’s bedroom, 4 arrested during raid in Putnam:

Police in Putnam, Conn. have arrested 4 after finding an extensive marijuana operation inside a residence yesterday. Not only did police find large amounts of weed but also a fake handgun made to look like a real one, some cash and a grow operation. And did I mention that the plants were growing in the bedroom of an infant.

Those arrested were Andres Pagan, 20, and Kristi King, 25, who were the main tenants of the residence. I’m going to assume that one or both of them were the Breeders. Also arrested were Carlos Maldonado, 21, and Luis M. Santiago Jr., 22.

No matter what your feelings on weed are it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still illegal and if you get caught with it there’s a damn good chance that you could lose your kids over it.