Ex-Madam criticizes craigslist killer movie

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis

Spitzer’s Madam Blasts Craigslist Movie:

Kristin Davis is a former madam who was involved in the Eliot Spitzer scandal. She ran for Governor of New York on a pro-prostitution platform. I never heard of her before so I’m guessing she didn’t even come close to winning. Not to mention that a madam by definition is a human trafficker.

Anyway Ms. Davis has blasted the movie about Philip Markoff on the Lifetime channel stating it was sympathetic to Markoff and that they didn’t even mention the name of Markoff’s victim, Julissa Brisman. They might all be valid points as I have not seen the movie and don’t plan to.

My bone of contention is where this story was published, on a Village Voice blog. The same Village Voice Media that owns backpage.com that refuses to remove the prostitution and human trafficking ads from its site.

And here I thought that real journalism was supposed to avoid conflicts of interest. Silly me.