Psycho man accused of slitting daughters throat

Father accused of killing 6-year-old daughter:

35-year-old Kristopher Griffin of Mansfield, Mass. was arrested for slitting his 6-year-old daughter’s throat killing her.

No motive for the killing was given but the araticle stated that the girl’s mother was planning on leaving the state with the girl and that Griffin has a history of mental illness.

Griffin cited God as the reason he killed his daughter…

Prosecutors allege Griffin confessed to killing her and said that God had told him to do it.

An officer asked Griffin if he had hurt anyone “and the defendant responded, saying ‘yes, she’s gone. I had to save her, I killed my little girl,” prosecutor Cynthia Brackett told the court.

Griffin had left a note in a mobile home where he had been staying after breaking up with the victim’s mother, saying “forgiveness for sending Katy to heaven,” police said.

And he sobbed in court when he entered his not guilty plea.

I’m sorry but you have no right to invoke God for killing your daughter. I guess he skipped the commandment that said ‘Thou shall not kill’. You don’t have the right to sob over your daughter’s death either since you ‘allegedly’ killed her.

And if he had such a history of mental illness maybe he should have been locked up already. That’s another thing wrong with out society is that wee more concerned with the rights of the dangerously mentally ill than we are the safety of those around them.