Kansas creeper sentenced on Omegle child porn charges

Kyle B. Rains (obviously lacking in the  B. Rains department)

Kyle B. Rains (obviously lacking in the B. Rains department)

31-year-old Kyle B. Rains of Park City, Kansas, was sentenced to almost 14 years in prison for distributing child porn on the webcam chat site Omegle. (Click here to catch up on what Omegle is.) Rains was streaming child porn videos on Omegle that contained scenes of a toddler being raped. He would then find young biys to target on Omegle.

Once again I have to bring up that one of the more popular searches to find this site is “Will I be arrested from Omegle?” or many one of its variants. That answer continues to be yes as once again the National Center For Missing and Exploited children (NCMEC) were contacted by Omegle when they discovered Rains’ child porn.

What makes me even more mad about this story is that there were young boys on Omegle for him to target. If you allow your kids to have a webcam in their room unattended you’re leaving an unguarded open window to your kids for every sick predator on the internet to use.