Another craigslist rapist caught in Charlotte area

Man charged with rape in Craigslist case:

Prostitution sting leads to bigger issue for CMPD:

For the third time in so many months an alleged craigslist rapist has been arrested in the Charlotte, NC area. First it was the guy in Kannapolis who arranged for the rape of his wife on craigslist and Rodney Livermore, the alleged rapist. Then it was Wayne Ford who was arrested for allegedly raping a woman who had an ad on craigslist. Now the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have arrested 34-year-old Kyle Mayfield of Burlington, NJ.

While investigating prostitution on craigslist and backpage they had found out that several of the women had been raped and robbed so they investigated those crimes as well. That’s when they arrested Mayfield who was posing as a cop in order to rape and rob at least two prostitutes.

CMPD says there have been 13 robberies and 5 sexual assaults connected to prostitution through sites like craigslist and backpage in the past year.

You would think that threat of such violent acts would discourage prostitutes and johns yet here we are.