Baby dies in Colorado shaking case

bkollarJack Koller, baby in alleged Lafayette child abuse case, dies:

I originally posted about alleged child abusing douchebag Benjamin Charles Koller here. To refresh your memory whether you like it or not Koller was accused of shaking and smothering his 2-month-old son Jack because he couldn’t stop the baby from crying.

Now Koller has been upgraded to alleged child murdering douchebag as his son has passed away. an autopsy was performed but the results have not been made public as of yet.

Murder charges have not been filed yet as prosecutors are awaiting the autopsy results but I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be.

Thanks to Angel and April for the assist.

Colo. man arrested for shaking and smothering son

Lafayette man suspected of dropping, biting infant:

That’s 26-year-old Benjamin Charles Koller of Laffayette, Colorado. He’s accused of not only shaking his 2-month-old son but also smothering him to the point that the baby has extensive brain damage and may not survive.

Of course it was because the douchebag couldn’t handle the baby crying. And check out the precision in which he used to suffocate his own son…

“Benjamin demonstrated and described with his hands how he put his fingers over Jack’s face, with two fingers on his mouth and two fingers on his throat, with his thumb on the back of his neck (counter pressure), constricting Jack’s airway,” the affidavit reads. “Benjamin said that Jack kicked his legs and moved his arms during the process. He said once he realized Jack began to change color, he stopped.”

It’s like this jackass has a black belt in child abuse.

He also allegedly shook the baby so hard the baby fell from his arms and hit his head against a changing table.

It seemed his 20-year-old common law wife wasn’t too concerned about the injuries either.

There’s also some accusations of biting the child as well among other sadistic moves.

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