Woman has sex with dog and toddler and broadcasts it

Woman accused of sex acts with dog, toddler:

I can honestly say this is one of the more disturbing stories I’ve ever posted. Disturbing but not surprising after some of the stories I’ve posted.

Anyway there’s no beating around the bush with this story. A woman from Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada was arrested for having sex acts with a toddler and a dog and broadcasting it over the internet.

The police were tipped off by a man who claims he just met her over the internet before she started performing sex acts with the dog and child on webcam.

Police aren’t releasing much information about the child or the woman to protect the child’s identity and to prevent mobs from brandishing pitchforks and torches.

The one detail they did release was the breed of the dog. Care to take a guess what kind of dog it was? C’mon guess. The answer might surprise you.

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