Milwaukee woman charged with starving 1-month-old to death

Police Charge Mother With Starving 1-Month-Old Baby:

21-year-old Vera Morehouse of Milwaukee, Wisc. had 5 kids. Let me repeat that in case it didn’t sink in. By the age of 21 she had 5 kids.

Last summer her youngest, 1-month-old Lamour, died from starvation while strapped in his carseat. The house was in the condition you’d expect to find it in with situations like this.

Now I’m not saying that Morehouse intentionally starved her son but if you have 5 kids by the time you’re 21 you have a serious problem of not being able to keep your legs closed.

Again the old adage applies if you can’t feed ’em don’t breed ’em.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.