Phillp Bay gets 12 years for Landstown Plot

Philip Bay

Philip Bay

At his sentencing hearing Philip Bay expressed regret…

“My arrest and going to jail was pretty much the best thing that could have happened to me. I have to look myself in the mirror and think oh my God, this could have been a murder trial.”

Which still sounds like to me “I’m sorry that I got caught and given the chance I’d do it again”.

Bay was convicted last November for plotting an attack against Landstown High School in Virginia Beach. He was discovered to be in possession of shotguns and explosives.

It seems that his ‘regret’ wasn’t enough to keep him out of jail as Bay was sentenced to 12 years behind bars. Bay has already spent two years in jail so in reality he’ll only be there for ten.

Philip Bay convicted in school bombing plot

Philip Bay

Philip Bay

Philip Bay was arrested back in April of 2009 for plotting a bombing attack against Landstown High School in Virginia Beach. Of course being the unoriginal mutant that he is he planned the attack for April 20th. He was also found to be in possession of multiple Molotov cocktails and bomb making materials.

This past Monday he was convicted for plotting the attack and could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Bay was 17 at the time of his arrest and was charged as an adult. His defense was the boo-hoo trifecta of being bullied, having a rough home life and having mental issues. Luckily the jury saw through all of that and convicted Bay.

Investigators say that if his plot was successful it would have been more deadly than the attack on Virginia Tech.

Again if you are being bullied don’t do something like this loser. It only takes the focus away from any possible bullying and puts the focus on kids who the school might think is plotting an attack.

Search ruled legal in Landstown plot

Judge: Searches were legal in Landstown bomb plot investigation:

Circuit Judge Edward W. Hanson Jr. ruled recently that the search done on the home of Phillp Bay was legal.

Bay as you may recall is accused of being the lead conspirator in a plot to attack Landstown High School in Virginia Beach.

Bay’s mother testified that she did not consent to a search and did not have a friend retrieve sawed off shotguns from the attic after police left the house the first time. Judge Hanson called her testimony “selective recall.”


Two of the Landstown plotters released on Bond

Philip Bay

Philip Bay

Suspect offers to testify against alleged Landstown bomb planner:

The two unnamed teens who were arrested along with Philip Bay (pictured) for plotting an attack against Landstown High School in Virginia Beach have been released. They will remain under house arrest until November when they are sentenced.

The 16-year-old who is believed to have tipped off police about the plot has agreed to testify against Bay.

Both of the two teens have already pleaded guilty.

Philip Bay moved to big boy jail

Philip Bay

Philip Bay

Teen accused in Landstown plot moving to Va. Beach jail:

A judge has ordered Philip Bay to me moved from a juvenile facility to the Virginia Beach city jail. Bay was 17 when he was arrested for his part in a plan to attack Landstown High School but was charged as an adult.

Bay’s attorney requested that he stay in juvie but the judge said…

“He’s an adult. Doesn’t look like an adult, but he’s an adult,”

I like a judge who doesn’t mess around.

Bay’s attorney also said that he may be using an insanity defense and requested state funding for a psychologist in Charlottesville. Again the judge laid the smackdown and told him there were qualified shrinks locally.

Philip Bay indicted on Landstown plot charges

Philip Bay

Philip Bay

Landstown explosives suspect indicted on 18 charges:

Teen indicted in H.S.bomb plot:

Earlier today 18-year-old Philip Bay was indicted on 18 charges for his role in an alleged plot to attack Landstwon High School in Virginia Beach.

Bay was indicted on 11 counts of Possessing, Using and Manufacturing a Firebomb; two counts of Possessing or Using a Sawed Off Shotgun; Possessing Weapons of Terrorism with the Intent to Terrorize and Soliciting , Recruiting, etc. Another for an Act of Terrorism. Six of those counts were direct indictments of charges that had not been before the Juvenile Court, according to the release.

If convicted since Bay is being charged as an adult he could be sentenced to life in prison.

Second Landstown suspect pleads guilty

Second teen pleads guilty in Landstown plot:

The second juvenile suspect accused of plotting an attack against Landstown High School in Virginia Beach has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, possessing a sawed-off shotgun and possessing weapons of terrorism with the intent to commit an act of terrorism.

No sentencing deal is in place and the teen is being held until sentencing which is scheduled for 9/22.

Philip Bay to be tried as an adult

Landstown suspect to be tried as adult:

In my last post about Philip Bay I said that his trial was supposed to start this past Wednesday. That statement was incorrect. This past Wednesday was his hearing to see if he would be tried as an adult for plotting a bombing attach against Landstown High in Virginia Beach and being in possession of a multitude of explosive devices. This past Wednesday a judge ruled that Bay will be tried as an adult. Bay is 18 now but was 17 at the time of his arrest in April.

Bay’s 16-year-old cohort in the plot pleaded guilty to weapons and terrorism charges. He was charged as a juvenile and will be sentenced in September.

Detailed profile of Landstown plotter

Teen accused in Landstown bomb plot ‘hard to miss’:

This is a very good article about the until now unnamed alleged plotter of Landstown High School, Philip Bay.

I’ve gone over some of Bay’s mutant tendencies already in my previous posts about the Landstown plot in Virginia Beach so I’ll just highlight the new revelations from the article.

Just to quickly refresh your memory Bay was arrested back in April for plotting a bombing attack against the school and was discovered to be in the possession of 28 pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, mysterious ‘other devices’ and various bomb making materials. Two other unnamed juveniles have also been arrested in the plot.

But now let’s get back to the article at hand. Not only was Bay a mutant but he is also an anti-Semite according to other students from the school. And of course when Bay would talk about Columbine the other students didn’t take it seriously. Apparently even today kids are still stupid. Yes, it can happen to your school.

His MySpace was a picture of opposing philosophies. On the one hand he talked about singing in choir and that God is his first love after music. Then he lists his heroes as Eric Harris and “whoever invented gunpowder.”

On my first Landstown post I mentioned that neighbors have seen Bay running around the neighborhood with a sword and a knife and that he liked to shoot birds with his BB gun. I wondered aloud then where were his parents. Now we may have an answer.

Some of the neighbors brought concerns to Bay’s mother, but they had no effect, Wood said. She had a “not my son” mentality,

There’s a shock.

Still no word on motive. And to those of you who keep throwing bullying into the conversation let me say this. If you go around talking about mass murder and ‘teh joos’ you’re basically inviting trouble on to yourself.

Bay’s trial starts today.

Was Landstown plotter also a tipster?

Sources say accused teen foiled Landstown High attack:

A family who knows one of the accused plotters in the alleged plan to attack Landstown High School in Virginia Beach say that he was one who tipped off police to the plot.

The family, whose daughter dated the 15-year-old suspect, say that the boy reported the plot to authorities. During the course of the investigation the 15-year-old was also arrested for his alleged involvement in the plot.

This reminds me of the fabled plot to attack Marshfield High School in Massachusetts. In the plot one of the participants backed out after he got counseling and the ring leader went to police to deflect the blame from himself.

This boy could basically be caught up in someone else’s lies or he could be culpable. The police aren’t saying either way since the suspects are all minors.

If you know any of these suspects please do not use their names in the comments.