A guy who asked for girls' underwear on craigslist turned out to be a pedophile. Who would have guessed?


Joppa man guilty of seeking sex from minor:

This one is definitely from the ‘Ick’ files. I fell like I need a chemical shower after reading this one.

Anyway 33-year-old Larry W. Warner Jr. of Joppatowne, Maryland pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor for sex through craigslist. Normally that would be ‘Ick’ enough but this guy puts the extra ‘Ick’ sauce on the pedophile sundae.

Warner placed an ad on craigslist seeking girls’ underwear to use in what the article calls ‘a sexual act’. I would imagine that he was looking for used underwear considering he could probably get a 6-pack of girls’ briefs at his local Wally World.

Luckily the person who responded to his ad was an undercover Baltimore County detective posing as both as the parent of an underage girl and a different underage girl.

That’s when the conversation went from ‘just’ underwear to wanting to violate the girls. He also sent the detective not only explicit photos of himself but child porn as well. While police continued their investigation Warner kept posting the ads for underwear. He also posted an ad offering his services as a babysitter.

And yet for all that he’s only looking at 10 years in prison and a lifetime on the useless registry. I call it useless because it never seems to stop sex offenders from re-offending.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some foodstuffs in my body that wish to violently exit out the in door.