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Valium did not cause the Las Vegas shooting

Valium did not cause the Las Vegas shooting

I didn’t plan on blogging about the Las Vegas shooting. I felt just as bad about it as I did when 9/11 happened. As a matter of fact because of my depression I haven’t been able to blog about two school shootings that took place recently. Then I saw something claimed about the shooter, Stephen Paddock, that made my blood boil and I couldn’t remain silent on this.

Some online political rag, who I won’t link to because they don’t deserve the traffic, used the headline of “Stephen Paddock: Another Mass Shooter on Psychiatric Meds”. The rag linked to another article from the Las Vegas Journal Review, which in my opinion was very irresponsibly written. Basically both articles insinuate that since Paddock was prescribed Valium it led to the shooting. The article claims one of Valium’s side-effects is ‘aggressive behavior’. According to the Mayo Clinic, the side-effect should be more properly referred to as ‘outbursts of anger’ and it’s not that common.

Paddock was believed to have taken the drug at prescribed intervals and didn’t abuse the drug. So you’re going to tell me this so-called aggressive behavior caused by Valium, or diazepam if you will, resulted in Paddock inspecting three different possible locations for his rampage, amassing a stockpile of weapons over a number of years and meticulously planning his crime to include cameras outside of his hotel room? I don’t buy it. Not only that, but it’s bad journalism.

The Las Vegas Review shouldn’t even be trusted as a news source since it was taken over by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. Adelson is rumored to have bought the paper so it would no longer criticize his business practices. Adelson was also a large donor to the Trump campaign so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Adelson, through the paper, is trying to turn the debate away from gun control to prescription drugs.

There are a group of people who are so opposed to antidepressants or any medicine used for the treatment of mental healthcare, they almost always attach it to whatever mass shooting may have just occurred. To my recollection this has been going on since at least Columbine, when it was made a big deal that one of the shooters was prescribed Luvox for depression. Never mind that the other shooter was on no such meds. That’s not even mentioning that these people will blame the drug if the shooter was either on or off of the drug they were prescribed.

The worst part is these people are further stigmatizing mental healthcare, something that doesn’t need any further stigmatization in this country. Not everyone on Valium is a potential mass murderer, they’re more likely trying to stave off a crippling anxiety attack. Furthermore, people on antidepressants are more than likely just trying to function normally in society and not plotting the mass execution of dozens.

The Las Vegas shooters were conspiracy nuts


Shooters identified in slaying of Metro Police officers, bystander:

Much like the Isla Vista shootings I hadn’t planned on blogging about the recent shootings in Las Vegas that claimed the lives of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, and innocent bystander Joseph Robert Wilcox. I figured that better bloggers than me would do a better job.

Then I got the Las Vegas Sun article that I’ve linked to above in my inbox. It said that the shooters had planned on doing the next Columbine. That sort of puts it in my wheelhouse but only peripherally. Then I got a Twitter message from former crime blogger Steve Huff. One of his Twitter followers had sent him the link to the Facebook of Jerad Miller, one of the gunman in the attack. His wife, Amanda Miller, was the other. If you’re expecting me to post a link to his Facebook I don’t do that anymore. I don’t want any of his Facebook friends who probably had nothing to do with their horrible crimes harassed.

Anyway, most of his public Facebook posts were about guns and the legalization of weed which pretty much puts him in the Libertarian camp but I don’t think his politics are what caused him and his wife to shout “This is a revolution” and “We are freedom fighters” before killing three in cold blood. Jerad Miller, and by association probably his wife, was a conspiracy nut. Here are some highlights from his Facebook.


He believed in chemtrails.

He believed in chemtrails.

And the New World Order.

And the New World Order.

He was a truther.

He was a truther.

And a birther.

And a birther.

In my opinion anyone who believes in these outlandish conspiracy theories are ignorant delusional paranoids who feel the need to blame some imaginary bogeyman for the failures in their own lives. By most accounts it seems that the Millers had plenty in theirs.

The Millers are not heroes or revolutionaries. They are what all murderers are, cowards. They cowardly shot and killed two police officers who were just eating their lunch then shot and killed a man who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time before the pair cowardly took their own lives before they could be captured. I’m sure the conspiracy nuts will hail them as martyrs but they’re not. Just cowards.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of the victims.

Bit part Vegas actor accused of backpage rape

Douglas Brian Irvin

Douglas Brian Irvin

Las Vegas actor accused of impersonating cop in rape of masseuse:

32-year-old Douglas Brian Irvin is an actor from Las Vegas. He’s had bit parts in CSI and The Hangover. Now he’s going to be starring in a real life prison drama.

Irvin is accused of impersonating a police officer allegedly in order to rape a masseuse that advertised on the body rubs section of backpage.com.

When Irvin was arrested police supposedly found pictures of him dressed as a law enforcement officer along with some fake police IDs.

In case you didn’t know the body rubs section on backpage is one of the many sections they have advertising for prostitution. So not only are they helping pimps traffic women but they’re also helping setting up rapes of prostitutes as well.

Get rid of the adult sections backpage. Their value to society is less than zero.

Henderson NV cop busted on craigslist prostitution charges


Police: Prostitute Tipped Officers To Dirty Cop:

Officer Arrested in Online Prostitution Sting:

Arrest Report Reveals New Details in Henderson Officer’s Arrest:

Occasionally you’ll see me use the phrase “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” which loosely translated is Latin for “Who watches the watchmen?” or “Who guards the guardsmen?” if you want to get literal. This is one of those instances.

Henderson, Nevada police officer Michael Stevens, 34, has been arrested on charged craigslist prostitution after his alleged prostitute of choice dimed him out.

Las Vegas police arrested a woman on prostitution charges which caused her to tell them that Stevens was using her services. She was able to assist LVPD with setting up a sting where Stevens was arrested. The AP says that Stevens tried saying that he was working vice but the local Nevada articles says that he admitted what he was doing was wrong. Stevens is said to have met Robbearts on craigslist.

How can we doing anything to combat human trafficking when it is being supported by allegedly crooked cops. And yes I do realize that cops like Stevens are in the vast majority but one bad apple like Stevens can also tarnish the reputation of entire departments.

Las Vegas man sentenced for child solicitation on craigslist

Las Vegas man sentenced for pursuit of sex with boy, 13:

In October of 2007 Thomas Comans III of Las Vegas, Nevada posted an ad in the men seeking men section of craigslist.  The ad stated that he was looking to have sex with a young boy.

Luckily someone noticed this and contacted the actual police since it seems that craigslist’s ‘community police’ obviously didn’t care. Needless to say LVPD posed as a 13-year-old boy on vacation with his family. When Comans arrived at the meeting place he was arrested.

The 52-year-old Comans was sentenced recently in federal court to 10 years in the federal pen and a lifetime on the sex offenders registry.

Again not nearly long enough for these types of scumbags. When will the laws catch up with the degree of evil and malice that these predators pose?

Child prostitution in Las Vegas

Activists Shine Light on Human Trafficking:

Let me just quote the first sentence of the article.

On any given night in Las Vegas more than 400 underage girls are used as prostitutes.

You know Las Vegas don’t you? It’s in Nevada, the state that has legalized prostitution in all but two counties. If someone was in Las Vegas and wanted to get themselves a prostitute all they need to do is drive one county over. Apparently legalized prostitution in Nevada hasn’t done anything to curb child prostitution. Go figure.

Pimped his handicapped sister for sex on craigslist

Man accused of advertising mentally challenged sister on craigslist for sex:

I wish I was making this one up.

A Las Vegas man is under arrest accused of sexually assaulting his mentally challenged sister and attempting to offer her for sex out on the internet. 34-year-old Rodney Nickerson is being held on $800,000 bail.

According to a police report, Nickerson admitted to putting a photo of his 36-year-old sister on craigslist website. The ad featuring his sister apparently asked men if they wanted to have sex with her.

The report states Nickerson also fondled his sister and had another man touch her as well.

Whatever jail time this scumbag receives will never be enough.