Shakara Dickens admits to killing her daughter during sentencing hearing

Shakara Dickens

Shakara Dickens

Mother who killed her baby: ‘I put my hands over her nose and mouth’:

I originally posted about Shakara Dickens here. She was the Memphis Breeder who, in the vein of a certain Florida trailer trash attention whore, reported her daughter missing when in reality 9-month-old Lauryn Dickens was dead. Back in March Dickens was convicted of Lauryn’s murder. This past week at her sentencing hearing she admitted to every detail.

She said that she was frustrated that she couldn’t find a baby sitter and started crying. Then Lauryn started crying. Instead of comforting her which is what most normal mothers do she put her hand over Lauryn’s nose and mouth until she passed out. She removed her hand and Lauryn started crying again and Dickens continued to suffocate her.

When Lauryn was dead Dickens put her body in a trash bag and threw it in a dumpster two apartment complexes away. She didn’t go back to the dumpster but watched as the dumpster was emptied.

It looks like she’s only going to get 19 years and time served.

I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for her since she came clean at sentencing. Not on your life sister. At any time you had the chance to either stop what you were doing before Lauryn died or at least told police where she was before she was dumped into a Memphis landfill. Instead you handed the police a lot of bullshit and had your family run interference for you.

I’m glad that you got that off your conscience but it’s too little too late.

Memphis Breeder claims she gave daughter to stranger

Shakara Dickens

Shakara Dickens

Memphis police search warrants presume missing baby is dead:

Sources say relatives not cooperating in search for baby:

First off let me say that I am sorry I’m way behind on posting stories. Especially this one.

Normally I don’t do missing child stories. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for the children in their families. I just think there are so many blogs about missing children that it’s hard to find the signal among the noise. However when there is a story that it’s so obvious that one of the Breeders was involved I jump in. Even if Nancy Grace has already had her hair sprayed claws over it.

Anyway, 19-year-old Shakara Dickens of Memphis, Tenn. reported her daughter, 10-month-old Lauryn Dickens, missing on September 15th claiming that she gave the child to an unknown woman on September 7th. Got that so far? Ok, it’s gets weirder. Dickens claim that the unknown woman (who I’m sure is hanging out with Nicole Brown’s real killer) was taking the child to the child’s father. The thing is the father is in jail and has not only had no contact with Dickens but her phone is blocked from receiving calls from the prison. He says he has no idea what she’s even talking about.

Local media is reporting that police are acting on the assumption that Lauryn Dickens is not alive.

And oddly like another similar case Shakara Dickens mother, Tracy Dickens, is said to be uncooperative with the investigation.

I’m going to be updating this story as information becomes available and as time allows because I know the national media will grow tired of this story and not give it half the attention they gave that certain story out of Florida.

Thanks to Winnie for the tip.