More on Stickam’s latest predator

Lawrence Joseph Silipigni Jr.

Lawrence Joseph Silipigni Jr.

FBI Busts Massachusetts Father in Online Child Pornography Scam:

This article contains some more details about alleged Stickam predator Lawrence Joseph Silipigni Jr., or as I like to call him, Fat Larry. If you’ll recall Fat Larry convinced underage girls to masturbate on cam for him via Stickam all the while convincing them that he was a 17-year-old boy. I’m still trying to figure out how he did that.

Anyway he’s been extradited to Los Angles from his home base in Saugus, Mass.

It seems he wasn’t just some chubby pedophile loser either. According to his indictment it says that Silipigni would threaten the girls with telling their parents if they didn’t do what he wanted.

Some of his screen names were allegedly “Boston,” “Jamin,” “BostonJamin,” “RJLarry,” “Boston_Larry,” “Jamin_Fallin,” “Jaminfallen” and “here4Sam”. I don’t feel like looking for all his profiles so if you so inclined have a ball. But this does kind of show you what lengths he would go to find his victims.

And for the coup de scum is that Silipigni does not recall if he made some of the videos public.

Did I mention he has his own daughters ages 7 and 10? I shudder to think what could have happened when they reached his preferred demographic.

Parents, webcams aren’t for kids. If your kids have webcams and their computers in their rooms that’s just like leaving a window open for predators.

40-year-old poses as teen to record underage girls on Stickam

Lawrence Joseph Silipigni Jr.

Lawrence Joseph Silipigni Jr.

Feds: bald man posing as 17-year-old secretly taped teens:

FBI: Alleged Sexual Cyberbully Arrested:

Middle aged balding fat guy over there is one 40-year-old Lawrence Silipigni of Saugus, Massachusetts. He’s been indicted on nine felony counts of child pornography charges.

According to the feds Fat Larry stole pictures from the Myspace of a teenage boy and used to them on fake profiles of several social sites in order to gain the confidence of underage girls. He then allegedly convinced these girls to commit explicit acts on Stickam while he recorded them without their knowledge.

Let’s stop right there for a second. I can see how predators like this can pose as teenagers on MySpace but how in the hell was he able to fool these girls on a video streaming site like Stickam?

A hundred types of these videos were found on his computer. He allegedly posted one of these videos to a 4chan like board for pedophiles. That’s when two of his victims contacted a third victim who was 14-years-old. When she confronted Silipigni he allegedly told her…

“I’m the same person, just older,” he wrote. “I’m not as hot and I’m chubby. I’m lonely and hate being old.”

He used the screen names of BostonJamin and jaminfallen. On just a precursory search I was able to find fake profiles that he used on Nexopia and Justin.TV.

And who says there isn’t a group of pedophiles on these streaming sites? Stickam and some its more idiotic users would tell you that private rooms are just for conversation.

Stickam of course had no comment.