Lee Billi sentenced

Ohio man sentenced in Indiana school plot:

The world’s oldest mutant, 34-year-old Lee Billi of Ohio, was sentenced to 10 years behind bars. He was not only sentenced for his part in an interstate plot to attack two high schools but also for the child porn that was found on his computer.

If you’ll recall Billi conspired with Russell Frantom of Penn High School in Indiana to attack two different schools on the same day. I wouldn’t be surprised if Billi was also trying to groom Frantom but that remains to be seen.

Billi gets 11 months time served and will be labeled as a sex offender.

Before he was sentenced Billi gave this excuse to the judge…

“I apologize for what happened,” Billi quietly told the judge. “I was in a Catch-22. I was in a job that didn’t provide medical. I need help. That’s all I can say, I need help.”

That may just be the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. Right now a lot of people don’t even have jobs let alone medical coverage but they don’t have child porn on their computer and plan killing sprees with 16-year-olds.

Lee Billi reaches plea agreement

Ohio man pleads guilty in school-attack plot:

The World’s oldest mutant Lee Billi has reached a plea agreement in his role in an interstate plot to commit school shootings. If you’ll recall Billi, from Ohio, conspired with 16-year-old Russell Frantom of Indiana to commit school shootings in separate states. The pair hatched their plans over MySpace. If you’ll also recall Billi was found to be in possession of child porn.

So for all that what do prosecutors agree to sentence Billi too? They agree to drop the charge of conspiracy to commit murder while Billi pleads guilty to inciting to violence. That means the most Billi could get is 5 years and that includes the child porn charges.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors should be ashamed of themselves.

Russell Frantom sentenced

Teen accused of planning Columbine-style attack at Penn sentenced:

Russell James Frantom IV was sentenced yesterday for his part in a plot to attack Penn High school in Indiana. He was told he could be held in juvenile detention until he’s 21. So I guess it wasn’t much of a sentence but more like a suggestion. Anyway he’ll be spending sometime in a “boy’s school”.

He apologized and said he would have never gone through with the plan. Uh-huh. That’s what they all say.

Even his mom is happy with the sentence…

“I feel comfortable with the decision. I think he can go on and learn from his mistake and come out a stronger person and maybe a better person. That’s what i can hope for,” Kelly Stetler tells NewsCenter 16.

We can only hope.

No word if he’ll testify against his interstate cohort Lee Billi.

Is Lee Billi incompetent?

Court considers plot defendant’s mental health:

The world’s oldest mutant, 33-year-old Lee Billi of Ohio, is allegedly having defendant competency issues. That means that Billi may not be ruled mentally competent enough to help his own defense.

If you’ll recall Billi was involved in an interstate plot to commit school shootings with an Indiana teen at Penn High School. When investigators combed through his computer they also found an alleged cache of child porn.

If he’s mentally incompetent than lock him in a cell and tell him it’s camp.

The Smoking Gun on Lee Billi and Russel Frantom

“I Wanna Break The Current Shooting Record”:

The Smoking Gun has pictures of the search warrant affidavit used to seize evidence from Lee Billi. It also lists evidence that was seized from his MySpace pal Russell Frantom.

The page that particularly drew my attention was this one that has some of Russell Frantom’s ramblings from his journal. Typical ravings from a mutant.

Instant Recognition

Boy wrote of desire to kill many at Indiana school:

The teen accused in the plot against Penn High School, Russell Frantom, wrote in his notebook that he wanted instant recognition for breaking the “school shooting record”.

“I wanna break the current shooting record. I wanna get instant recognition. The only thing that stops me is the fact of being put in jail forever, or having to kill myself, or getting killed by an officer. I could kill anyone without feeling sorry because society sucks!!!”

According to the article he started having these kinds of violent thoughts after his girlfriend broke up with him.

Just like every shooter and would be shooter before him he’s a selfish prick with the emotional stability of a marshmallow and an inflated sense of entitlement. When parents and educators coddle kids like Frantom they end up believing that nothing bad is ever supposed to happen to them. When it finally does this the result.

Life is hard and it’s not fair, deal with it.

Billi enters plea

Ohio man pleads not guilty in school attack plot:

Accused school shooting plotter and child porn lover, Lee Billi, has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

As I’m sure you know the 33-year-old Billi was arrested for conspiring to commit mass shootings in two different locations with 16-year-old Russell Frantom. It was also discovered that Billi had a plethora of child pron on his some computer. Enough to keep him behind bars for possibly 325 years.

Lee Billi: Mutant and Pedophile

Man Accused of School Shooting Plot Now Faces Child Porn Charges:

Back when 33-year-old Lee Billi was first arrested for conspiring to attack schools along with 16-year-old Russell Frantom of Penn High School in Indiana I theorized that maybe their friendship over MySpace wasn’t just because of their mutual admiration of Columbine. I in inferred that maybe Billi was grooming Frantom for something even more inappropriate. As it turns out I may have been right.

A search of Billi’s computer by investigators has turned up a cache of child pornography.

As a result, Billi now faces 38 counts of pandering sexually oriented matter involving minors.

Now Billi could be looking at a max of 325 years behind bars.

Penn High suspect charged as juvenile…for now

Ind. teen accused in high school plot faces juvenile charge:

The unnamed 16-year-old student, Russell James Frantom, of Penn High School in Indiana has been charged with the juvenile equivalent of conspiracy to commit murder. He’s not off the ‘charged as an adult’ hook yet. Prosecutors have until May 9th to decide whether or not they will charge the unnamed teen, Russell James Frantom, as an adult.

The mystery teen, Russell James Frantom, was ordered last week to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Russell James Frantom.

16-year-old Penn High suspect named

Lee Billi of Lakewood charged in plot with Indiana teen to attack schools:

I’ve gone over Lee Billi already. However the article names the 16-year-old suspect from Indiana as Russell James Frantom.

Here is Frantom’s MySpace. Not surprisingly it’s now been made private. Also not surprisingly he’s also a member of the TCMI group that Billi belongs to and Frantom is 3rd on one of Billi’s Top 8. He also has the words Natural Selection with blood drops posted on his MySpace. Columbine shooter and coward Eric Harris went on tangents about natural selection in his writings prior to Columbine.

Since Billi was in communication over MySpace with a 16-year-old boy over MySpace it makes me wonder if he was more than just a mutant.