Breeder boxed boy to death

Homestead man charged in 2-year-old son’s beating:

Mary Pigtails over there is 23-year-old Lee Willie DeJesus of Homestead, Florida. He’s been charged with allegedly killing his 2-year-old son while teaching him to box.

The story goes that DeJesus put on boxing gloves then while his son was standing on the bed he ‘taught him how to box’ while the boy’s mother was at work. And by teaching him how to box I mean he punched his own son all over his body. For those of you who are not familiar with boxing the gloved aren’t meant to protect boxers’ faces, they’re meant to protect the hands. I would rather be hit by a bare fist than a boxing glove and believe me I’ve been hit plenty of times by both. The boy allegedly fell off the bed striking his head against the wall and tile floor.

But the story doesn’t end there.

DeJesus is said to have waited 30 minutes before calling 911 while his son was unresponsive. Then he tried to blame a baby sitter before finally owning up to what happened.

Ok, who the hell teaches a 2-year-old to box when they can’t even wipe their own asses? This stupid ass macho bullcrap needs to come to an end before society collapses in on itself.

Thanks to Kirsten for the tip.