Burnout Breeder leaves kid in car


Child Left Alone in Parked Car While Mom Smoked Pot: Cops:

Cops: Mom Smokes Pot In Home, Leaves Baby In Car:

When one of us posts a story about someone who left their kid in a car and then claimed that they forgot they were in there we always ask how could someone forget their own child. This time it’s pretty obvious.

43-year-old Karen Edelman of Shirley, New York (I’m not kidding and don’t call me Shirley) allegedly left her 1-year-old son in the car for 40 minutes.

Police received a call about the boy and found him luckily unharmed. When they went in the house to talk to Edelman they found weed and the usual accoutrement to go with it. Police say that Edelman was getting high because she was “feeling under the weather”. That’s stoner-speak for I have no real reason. You know how they say stoners are usually peaceful. Not Edelman. when police told her she was going to be arrested she started pushing and kicking the officers. Apparently she must have thought it was the policemen’s fault that she was being arrested.

It’s this simple. If you don’t want to go to jail then don’t break the law.

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Kids left in cars

It’s debate time again Breeder Readers. This time the topic is about kids who get forgotten about and left behind in hot cars to die. A lot of us including me say how can a parent forget one of their own children in the car?

This article from the Washington Post sent to me by reader Rachel attempts to address the reasons why.

My question to you is…Is this legitimate or is just a bunch of psychobabble meant to excuse people from their neglect?


N. Texas baby dies after being left in car overnight

Mom jailed after infant left in car overnight dies:

Baby Left in Car Overnight in Texas Found Dead:

One of the mysteries of the universe that always perplexes me is how can anyone forget one of their kids in the car.

It’s happened again, this time in the North Texas city of Cedar Hill. Policed there arrested 35-year-old LaHeather Wilson. Allegedly she left her 7-month-old son in the car after picking up her three kidsw from daycare. It wasn’t until around 6am the next morning that Wilson found her son in the car unresponsive. The temperature dropped down to 50F that night.

The two other kids have been placed in CPS custody.

Thanks to CR and Michelle for the tip.