Pa. man who had sex with craigslist babysitters sentenced


Newville man sentenced to prison in Craigslist sex case:

I originally posted about 39-year-old Lewis Dopp here. He was arrested in Carlisle, Pennsylvania last year for sexually assaulting underage girls that he met through craigslist. He would get them drunk and take advantage of them, once even having another girl record him having sex with one of the girls. The twist on this story is that Dopp used the craigslist ads for babysitters to find his victims. He would even post ads of his own looking for ‘babysitters’.

This past week he was sentenced to 3-6 years in the Penn State…I mean state pen after pleading guilty. (Sorry PSU fans, I couldn’t resist.)

Seriously though that is a joke of a sentence for someone who is a serial sexual predator in my opinion. His attorney even wanted the sentence reduced citing that Dopp has the mental capacity of an 18-year-old. If you click on the link to my original post about Dopp you can see some comments that I believe were left by Dopp under a few different aliases trying to defend himself.

He has a diminished mental capacity all right but that doesn’t mean he didn’t know what he was doing. To me a diminished mental capacity means someone who was incapable of telling the difference between right and wrong. Dopp is just a moron.

When he gets out in probably less than three years I can almost guarantee he’ll go back to creeping on underage girls using whatever electronic means predators will be using then.

Pa. man had sex with baby sitters he found on craigslist


Police: Man sexually assaulted York County teens he met through babysitting ad:

In Carlisle, Pennsylvania police arrested 37-year-old Lewis A. Dopp for allegedly having sex with 5 girls ages 16 and 17 that he found on craigslist. However he did not find them on craigslist the way you think he would have. He found them because ether the girls had placed ads for their baby sitting services on craigslist or had responded to Dopp’s ad for a baby sitter.

Between Oct. 1, 2009, and June 30 Dopp would spend weekends with the teens at his home, according to a news release.

During that time, Dopp provided the teens with alcohol and had sexual contact with three of the teens when they were 15 and 16 years old, police said.

Reportedly he had one of the teens record him having sex with one of the others. It’s hard to believe that this went unnoticed for 8 months. Dopp supposedly only put a stop to it because some of the girls were smoking weed and he did not approve of that. A creeper with standards. Who would have guessed?

No word on if Dopp actually had a child that was in need of sitting.

But who in the blue hell allows their 16 or 17-year-old daughter to post an ad for baby sitting on craigslist? Apparently the kind of parent who doesn’t care about their kids getting molested.