Facebook Vigilantes in Oregon

Facebook Site Prompts Sexual Assault Charges At College:

Every time I make a post about Facebook vigilantism I hear the song “Ghost Riders in The Sky” by The Outlaws in my head.

Anyway Facebook Vigilantes have struck again. This time the vigilantism has crept over our northern border and is now taking place in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

At Lewis & Clark College, in Portland, Oregon a male student who I won’t name was accused of a sexual assault against a female student.

Before even law enforcement caught wind of it a Facebook group targeting him was made. It was later removed.

According to the Information Week article the alleged victim went to the local media and as of the time of IW’s article had still not reported it to police.

Even to her own admission the victim admits she initiated the encounter but then changed her mind.

Let’s just for a second say that her story is true. Personally I’m not buying it but let’s just say it is. By going public with the alleged aggressor’s name not only into Facebook but also into the media she’s probably ruined any chance of him being prosecuted.

Let the law do it’s job people. When you pull stunts like this justice doesn’t get served, it gets turned away at the door.