Creepy Jersey boy is serial abuser

They're creepy and they're kooky

When someone commits a gun crime they’re usually banned from ever owning a gun again. When someone commits animal abuse they’re usually banned from ever owning an animal again. When someone commits a sex crime against a child they’re usually banned from being around children. So why in the hell when someone is convicted of beating their child are they allowed to have children again?

For example take 25-year-old Jason Zirinsky, formerly of New Jersey and now a guest of the state of Maryland. He was arrested back in November for beating his 2-month-old daughter., Lexi, to death. As you may have surmised this is not the first time that Zirinsky has had this kind of trouble with the law.

In 2004, he was charged in Morris County with aggravated assault and child endangerment after his 28-day-old daughter was hospitalized with broken bones in her legs and wrists and four fractured ribs.

He served 18 months in a New Jersey prison for that.

Not only did that not discourage him from allegedly beating his most recent daughter it didn’t discourage his baby mama, 22-year-old Jessica Peavy. She’s was arrested last week for failing to protect Lexi from Zirinsky.

People like this, and most creatures. featured on BB, need to have their parental rights terminated forever.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.