Family disowns juvenile rape victim

Prosecutor: Juvenile sexual assault is ‘heartrending’:

I’m sure you’ve all heard this one. As usual I’m a little behind.

Anyway in Phoenix, Arizona it’s alleged that four juvenile boys raped an 8-year-old girl. If that wasn’t bad enough the girl’s family disowned her for being raped claiming she brought shame upon their family. Now remember, this isn’t a story from Saudi Arabia or some other repressive country. It’s from Phoenix freakin’ Arizona.

Now in this post I’ll just be focusing on the family’s reaction. For other aspects of the story I’ll be discussing that art Crime

To make matters worse the girl was allegedly being babysat by her 23-year-old older sister. Not only does the sister blame the girl but she want’s the girls rapists released.

The sister, who was not identified by name by the station, expressed mixed feelings about her sister’s attack. “I came to her and said it’s not good for you to be following guys because you are still little,” the sister told KTVK. She also said that she wanted the suspects to be released from jail because “we are the same people.”

“When she comes back I’m going to tell her don’t ever do that again because all of us, we are the same family, we are from the same place. Now she is just bringing confusion among us. Now the other people, they don’t want to see her,” the sister told KTVK.

All parties involved are Liberian. But guess what. You’re not in freakin’ Liberia anymore. This is the good ol’ U.S. of A where we don’t tolerate people who shun rape victims especially 8-year-olds.

A Liberian ambassador said however that in Liberia police would be embracing the victim and not the attackers like in some countries.

No charges have been filed against the family but if it were up to me they’d be charged with child abandonment at the very least.

h/t to Crime, Interrupted