Naked mom drops toddler from balcony

calsmithMom Accused Of Dropping Child From Balcony:

One night in September, or so the legend goes, 23-year-old Callie M. Smith vandalized several cars and jumped on top of them naked in the parking lot of a Liberty, Missouri apartment complex. She then allegedly went to a second floor balcony and dangled her 22-month-old son from it. She threatened to drop the boy and so she did. Luckily a witness was able to catch the boy and he sustained no injuries. Sign that witness up for The Chiefs. They need the help at receiver.

Anyway it seems that Smith was hopped up on drugs, if you couldn’t guess. A neighbor seems to blame the drugs and not the Breeder for taking them…

Lippitt said Smith’s behavior was out of character and she believes it was drug-induced.

“She was a very loving, sweet mother, but on that particular day, something definitely went down. That was really strong stuff she was on,” Lippitt said.

Sorry lady but loving sweet mothers don’t take whatever Smith was on.

Thanks to Chantel for the tip.