Is a child’s life worth $10,000?

Insurance Policy Found In Home Where Child Starved To Death:

4-year-old Austin James Watkins was supposedly in the care of his aunt and grandmother after DHS took him away from his mother. I say supposedly in the care of because Austin died less than a week ago from severe malnutrition and only weighed 19lbs. when he died. He might have even been kept in a cage.

His grandmother, Janice Mowdy, 43, and his aunt, Stephanie Bell, 22, have both been charged with his death and police say a $10K life insurance policy may have had something to do with it.

4 other children were removed from the house. They had not been fed well but not to the extreme like Austin was.

I guess I’m getting old because I remember a day when family would band together for each other and not abuse one of their own.

Thanks to Alicia for the tip.