Illinois AG: Erotic services is gone

Ill. AG: Craigslist dropping ‘erotic services’ ads:

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has provided us with a little clarification on craigslist’s new adult services section. She says that craigslist is doing away with the erotic services section in favor of the adult services section. She also says that employees of craigslist will be reviewing the ads. You know, the same reviewing craigslist claimed couldn’t possibly be done.

Like I’ve said before while this is a step in the right direction I don’t think I’m out of business just yet.

AGs to meet with craigslist in NYC tomorrow

3 AGs to meet with Craigslist over sexual ads:

Attorneys General from Missouri, Illinois and Connecticut, Chris Koster, Lisa Madigan and Richard Blumenthal respectively, will be meeting with representatives from craigslist in New York City tomorrow. Those three represent a group of AGs who entered into the much-lauded agreement with craigslist in November. The goal of the meeting is to see what can be done about the erotic services ads.

I have a few questions about this meeting. The first is will Jim Buckmaster or Craig Newmark be there to represent craigslist or will they send one of their 28 other employees. I wouldn’t put it past craigslist to send some bewildered intern. “Hey Johnny, do you want to take a trip to New York?” I’m digressing again.

Secondly will the Attorneys General actually accomplish something at this meeting or will it be just more feel good PR for them so they can go back to their constituents so they can say “Look’ we’re doing something about it.” And where were the AGs before Julissa Brisman was killed? There’s nothing like knee jerk legislation.

I’m not saying that craigslist needs to be federally regulated but I do think they have a responsibility to their users to keep them from getting killed.

Buckmaster responds to Illinois AG

Meeting IL AG Madigan:

craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster has posted on the official craigslist blog that he is looking forward to meeting with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

He says he’s looking forward to discussing the progress made since their joint statement last November.

What progress? Are you that delusional Jim? You can’t say craigslist has regressed in criminal prevention either because it doesn’t do anything worthwhile to prevent criminal activity on its site.

He reminds me of Baghdad Bob saying there were no American troops in Baghdad as the tanks rolled in.

Illinois AG calls for end of erotic services

Illinois attorney general demands shutdown of Craigslist’s erotic services section:

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was one of the Attorneys General who in my opinion foolishly entered into an agreement with craigslist in regards to craigslist’s erotic services section. That was the agreement that generated craigslist’s so-called new measures that they implemented to limit the amount of erotic services ads. As I think I’ve shown while the number of ads may be down the amount of prostitution continued unabated.

Ms. Madigan must have realized the error of her ways as she has sent a letter to craigslist. Not only does the letter demand the end of the erotic services section but she also basically accuses craigslist of violating the agreement. She also requests that craigslist send her a detailed report of where the money from the erotic services section ads have gone. The money for the ads are supposed to have gone to charity.

Here’s a copy of the letter…

IL AG Letter to Craigslist

While I agree with what AG Madigan is trying to accomplish I do have to ask where she was before Julissa Brisman was killed.