Two Helena Bad Breeders for the price of one

Mothers arrested in separate incidents:

For this pair of stories we go to the wilds of Montana where lumberjacks wrestle moose…or something.

Actually we go to the capital of Montana, Helena. Recently there they had a night where two different birth organisms were arrested for various crimes against their children. Luckily the children were unharmed.

First up is 41-year-old Lisa Perdue who was allegedly caught breaking into a house by the homeowner. She had her 2-year-old son in the car when she made the getaway. When police finally caught up with her she tried taking a handful of pills. I would assume in a bid to either commit suicide or just get a nice stay in the hospital before she got hauled off to the pen. She was already on probation.

The second story brings us one 33-year-old Michelle Leigh McCauley. She spent two hours in a bar being unruly while she had a baby monitor in her possession. The 6-month-old baby was down the street in a motel room, out of range of the baby monitor. She gave police a false name while they were investigating.

I can honestly say these are two of the more ‘entertaining’ stories we’ve had on here in a while. The kids were unharmed and we get to make fun of two trashy Breeders. If Montana keeps supplying us with stories like this they may just become my favorite state.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.