‘Sex-Pig’ charged with craigslist rape of teen

Lee Lubonne

Lee Lubonne

Self-proclaimed ‘sex pig’ held on rape charges:

44-year-old Lee Lubonne of Litchfield Park, Arizona considers himself a ‘sex pig’ and wishes he could find Jesus. He must not have been looking for him too hard because he’s been charged with two rapes, one of his victims was a 15-year-old girl he allegedly victimized on craigslist.

The story starts out rather bizarrely. Police say that Lubbone met a female photographer through her website and posed as he was offering her a job. Instead he got her back to his house and raped her.

Lubonne allegedly ordered her to go to a closet and retrieve a bag containing chains, locks, latex gloves, ropes, zip ties, duct tape, sex toys and medical supplies, according to police documents. Frightened, the victim went along with his requests so he wouldn’t hurt her, court paperwork said.

The only thing that probably saved her life was the fact that she was wearing an ankle monitor and she used that to get him to release her. That did not stop her from going to police and giving them his address.

As it turns out police were looking for him in another rape. They say he raped a 15-year-old girl who had advertised her services as a babysitter on craigslist.

Among some of the items police found in his home were personal items that may have belonged to other victims.

Sex crimes detectives said they are concerned that there may be many more victims who have not come forward. People are urged to call MCSO at 602-876-1011 if they feel they have been victimized in this case.

Craigslist: the Sears catalog for rapists. It is far from cleaned up and posting just about any ad on it could turn you into a victim. That’s no hyperbole.

And parents, no child has any business posting any ad on craigslist for anything.

UPDATE 11/17/2013: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? The self-proclaimed sex pig was only sentenced to six months…PROBATION??? How the hell does someone get no jail time for not just two rapes but one of the rapes was of an underage girl? Something is definitely rotten in the Grand Canyon State.