Red Lake under lockdown

FBI assisting Red Lake police in investigation:

The schools in Red Lake have been under lockdown since Tuesday while the FBI and Red Lake police investigate threats made against the schools…

Paul McCabe, spokesman for the FBI, said today that the agents are assisting Red Lake police but said he could not comment on the situation. McCabe referred a Herald reporter to the Red Lake police.

Interim Police Chief Pat Graves said, through a spokeswoman, that he would not comment to the news media about the situation.

Tribal Chairman Floyd “Buck” Jourdain Jr., is out of town and unavailable for comment, said a tribal spokeswoman.

A school employee said the schools, including a separate building for kindergarten and Head Start about a mile from the high school and middle school, have been in “lockdown” since Tuesday because of the reported threats.

Superintendent Stuart Desjarlaits said school was in session today but refused to comment on the reported threats.

Employees of the school said that reported threats from several students involving violence at the school lead to the lockdown being imposed. The lockdown means students are not allowed to leave the school building during the day, including no recess outdoors for elementary students, an employee said.

More on this if any more information becomes available.

Burrito Lockdown

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard the story about the school that was locked down because a student brought an oversized burrito to school. I’m sure we all had a chuckle out of this because it is pretty funny. However, a lot of people are saying the school overreacted. Now that we know it was just a burrito it’s easy to say the school overreacted. But the question is would you rather have an overreaction or no reaction.