Detrimental Breeders of Delaware

Hohn and Watterson (He’s both the eggman and the walrus.)

Escape prompts abuse charges:

In Newark, Delaware a 12-year-old boy went from door to door looking for an ex-schoolmate of his. He hadn’t seen him in several months and didn’t know exactly where he lived. All he knew was that he lived across the street from the school. When he finally found the house he was looking for the parents of the boy found a barefoot and bruised boy suffering from malnutrition. They took the boy in and fed him for what they say was four hours.

The parents of the friend called police and while on the phone a car pulled looking for the boy. A woman from the car said they were looking for a boy with bare feet. The friend’s father smartly and thankfully said…

Nope, hadn’t seen him. Why don’t I take down your number and if I see him, I’ll give you a call.

Which he promptly turned over to police.

Arrested were the boy’s sperm donor, 41-year-old Robert J. Hohn III, and the step-monster, 39-year-old Shannon Watterson. It turns out that the boy had allegedly been kept locked in his room since September, was only provided minimal food and was only allowed out to go to the bathroom. Considering the bruises I’m going to say that he probably got his fair share of beatings too but that’s just me.

His siblings were allowed to go to school while the boy was ‘home-schooled’. Now before you home schoolers get all righteous on me, save it. While there are many great parents who do a great job in home schooling their kids however the reality is that many abusers use it as an excuse to hide child abuse. I wish the state would do more to prevent this but that’s another rant for another day.

It get’s better. Hohn and Watterson’s attorney says it’s not as bad as it seems. The lawyer says that boy had discipline issues with running away and hurting himself. If I had to hang wet clothes in the rain while being sprayed with a hose in the fall I’d probably want to runaway too. On top of that the only furniture in the boy’s room was a bare bulbed lamp and the door knob was put in backwards so it could only be unlocked from the outside. But it’s no big deal right?

Here’s what I don’t get. Being an actual human being with feelings how could they stand to see their son malnourished like that. Back when my stepson was this boy’s age he came down with a nasty virus so bad that we had to take him to the ER. While he was in the treatment room waiting to be admitted his eyes were so sunken that I thought we were going to lose him. I literally ran from the room in the tears so he wouldn’t see me cry. I could never imagine withholding food intentionally from a child where he wastes away to that point.

Now they’ll know what it’s like to be in a room where they can’t get out. They both should be starved and beaten with a sock full of wood screws.

Thanks to Kelly for the tip.

Sponging UK parents only get one year

Couple whose daughter accidentally hanged herself after they locked her up for 12 hours jailed for just ONE year:

British Breeders Susan Moody, 24, and stepfather Simon Moody, 33, locked 8-year-old Charlotte Avenall in her room every night because they said it was for her own good. Charlotte was a special needs child and had learning difficulties.

The house was in deplorable conditions and the Breeders were on the government dole. As usual social services went to the house and did nothing.

While locked away in her room Charlotte accidentally hung herself. For their obvious disregard for their own child’s safety they were given only one year in prison.


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Another child locked away in a room

Is it me or do we post an inordinate amount of stories from Arizona? Well, here’s another one.

Scott and Andrea Bass of Phoenix were arrested for allegedly keeping Scott Bass’ 14-year-old daughter locked in the bathroom, starving her and abusing her.

The girl was able to escape from the house and had a coffee shop call police for her.

The bathroom she was kept in had no working water so once again we have people giving their child a bucket while locking them up.

Scott Bass allegedly made her do exercises until she dropped and beat her with a belt and rod because the girl supposedly cheated on at home test and stole food.

This allows me to address two things. Obviously this girl was home schooled in order to hide the abuse. I have nothing against people who home school their kids however when it’s abused for illegal reasons it ruins it for everybody. Secondly what is up with the whole ‘stealing food’ thing? That seems to be an excuse trotted out constantly by abusers like they all have the same handbook or something.

The part of the article I loved is when police went to the house and Bass had a visibly surprised look on his face when he opened the door to the bathroom and the girl wasn’t there.

I wish they published a picture of that.

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Nurse charged with locking handicapped daughter in room

bonnieallenWoman Accused Of Locking Disabled Daughter In Bedroom:

Cops: Mom Locked Up Daughter, Left Her Home Alone:

Cops: Handicapped child locked in room:

The lady with the melty face who looks like a Disney villainess is 46-year-old Bonnie Allen of Cincinnati, Ohio. She’s accused of locking her 11-year-old handicapped daughter in a room with no food or water or any bathroom facilities while Allen was not home. Police were called by Allen’s other and older daughter whose age I was unable to find.

Alllen’s lawyer claims that Allen is a nurse who works 40 hours a week who says that there should have been a caregiver looking after the girl. No word if the alleged caregivers name was Zenaida.

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Florida woman beat son/nephew with a wooden stick and a rubber hose

Hernando deputies say Spring Hill teen beaten, locked in bathroom for days:

Now according to the article the victim is the suspect’s blood nephew but was adopted by the suspect so I’m going to allow this as actual bad parenting.

Anyway 50-year-old Tailing Gigliotti of Spring Hill, Florida was arrested for keeping her nephew/son captive and inflicting beatings of biblical proportions.

The 16-year-old boy was kept captive in the house for around three years. He was locked in the bathroom when Gigliotti wasn’t at home and was forced to sleep either on the bathroom floor on in the hallway. The bathroom window was boarded up.

This past Sunday the boy escaped the home after a particularly vicious beating from Gigliotti. She allegedly forced the boy to strip naked, wrapped his hands in tape and she beat him with a 3 foot block of wood and a garden hose with the metal tip still attached. The beating was so bad it broke the boy’s arm not to mention severe lacerations all over his body. He finally escaped by breaking down the bathroom door and seeking refuge at a neighbor’s house.

When police showed up at Gigliotti’s house it’s alleged that she was on her cell phone with someone saying that “he must have gotten out of the room.”

And do you want to know what the motive was?

Nugent said that interviews with the victim indicated that the abuse stemmed from the family’s Taiwanese culture that calls for absolute obedience toward adults by children. The boy told authorities that the beatings had increased in frequency and had become more violent in recent weeks.

Well guess what Sunshine. This isn’t Taiwan. I hope you really like America because you’ll be a guest of one of our correctional facilities for an awfully long time if there’s any justice.

Randall Piercy sentenced to 9 years

Father Gets 9-Year Prison Sentence For Child Abuse:

Some of you may remember the case of Randall Piercy. He’s the alleged father who kept his 9-year-old son locked up in a room all day with only a 2 liter soda bottle for a toilet. The window in the room was covered and the light switch was disabled. The house was strewn with video cameras so he could keep tabs on his son at all times. The light switch was also disabled in the boy’s room. The boy was only allowed out of the room once per day to go to the bathroom and he didn’t go to school or a doctor.

His mother was rarely allowed to see her son and the notes she left for him was the only form of communication she had with him.

Piercy had pleaded guilty to aggravated child abuse and was sentenced to the max of 9 years. Hardly enough if you ask me but the judge did let him have it.

In court on Friday, Judge Mallory Cooper gave Piercy the maximum sentence allowed under his plea agreement.

“I believe that for nine years you should eat alone, you’ll have cameras on you, your lights will go on when the prison wants them to go on and your lights will go off when the prison wants them to go off,” Cooper said.

She said that is exactly how Piercy’s son lived.

He’ll still have it better than his son did.

It just boggles my mind that someone who dared to call himself a parent would think that this was acceptable behavior. Not only that but this is another case where the mother was complicit. If your husband has forbidden you from seeing your own son in your own house why in God’s name did she not go to the police?

Michelle Piercy is going to trial later this month.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Locked up with a bucket

Arizona Mother Kept Son, 11, Locked Up With Bucket for Toilet:

Norma Barrientos of Tuscon, Arizona has pleaded guilty to child abuse charges. She kept her 11-year-old son locked in a bedroom all summer with only a bucket for a toilet. The room had little ventilation and had bars and an extra lock on the window.

Now get this…

Barrientos and her boyfriend told deputies the boy was locked up because he was getting dangerous items like lighters and flammable liquids that were kept in the home.

So not only did two people think that this was a good idea but they were also too stupid to remove the flammable materials from the home.

Combine with the fact that she was only sentenced to 3 years probation means there’s a whole lot of FAIL to go around.