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Hand sanitizer gets rid of all sorts of germs, like special needs children

Belle Chasse mom booked with fatal poisoning of her 17-month-old son:

Erika Wigstrom

Erika Wigstrom

Usually when there’s a story about a Breeder injecting their kids with some foreign substance it entails Munchhausen By Proxy syndrome. Not this time. In this instance the sole purpose of the injection was to kill.

17-month-old Lucas Ruiz of Belle Chase, Louisiana, was born with Down’s Syndrome and three holes in his heart. I can only imagine the emotional and financial strain that has to put on a family. It seems that Lucas’ Breeders wanted nothing to do with that strain. Lucas’ incubator, 20-year-old Erika Wigstrom, has been arrested in the alleged poisoning death of her son. Wigstrom is accused of injecting an alcohol based hand sanitizer into Lucas. She calls it a mercy killing and investigators say that she has no remorse. Allegedly it was not the first time she tried to kill him. Police are also saying that Wigstrom has confessed of giving Lucas perfume in order to try to kill him. But wait, there’s more.

Lucas’ sperm donor, 20-year-old Cesar Ruiz,is already in jail for allegedly pouring run into his son’s feeding tube while Lucas was in the hospital in 2012 which was also featured on this site. Lucas was only two-months-old at the time.

Maybe after two attempts at trying to kill your son God/The Universe/Fate/etc. is trying to tell you something. Something like this child needs his parents to love and provide for him no matter what ailments he may have.

Wigstrom is calling this a mercy killing. There was no mercy here, only arrogance. There are certain medical instances where a mercy killing may be applicable. This was not one of them.

She has been charged with capital murder and can be eligible for the death penalty. Hopefully if she does get the death penalty ‘they’ll’ use one of those lethal injection drugs that cause convicts to burst into flames.

Once again thanks to Helen for the tip.

N.O. craigslist creeper said age did not matter

Sean Geagan

Sean Geagan

NOPD books man in Craigslist sexual encounter with juvenile:

Police in New Orleans recently arrested 33-year-old Sean Geagan for allegedly having sex (child rape) with a 16-year-old boy that he met on craigslist. The twist on this story is that the victim was the one who posted the ad. This is your fairly graphic warning. The ad read…

“Young white boy wants to suck you off – m4m – 18 (Metairie).”

When the victim told Geagan that he was actually 16 Geagan is reported to have replied “age did not matter.” Ah yes, the mantra of the child predator and pedo defenders everywhere. The age of consent in Louisiana is 17 by the way.

Geagan was busted when the victim’s mother found e-mail exchanges between Geagan and the victim.

While this mother did the right thing unfortunately she was not quick enough. I’m not blaming the mother as I’m sure she’s coping with this herself. It doesn’t matter if your son or daughter is gay, straight or bisexual. They have absolutely no reason to be on craigslist ever. It is rife with predators like this who are looking to make easy prey of your kids. The victim in this case is very luckily to have not found himself in some form of bodily harm. Keep tabs on your kids’ internet activities. Here’s a CNET article that can get you started.

And don’t expect craigslist to do anything about keeping your kids off their site. They don’t care. As I am fond of saying to parents you are the only line of defense between your kids and online sexual predators.

Louisiana Dumbfish Law II: Facebook Status? Sex offender

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

New La. law: Sex offenders must list status on Facebook, other social media:

Previously I’ve posted about the state of Louisiana passing a law I call The Dumbfish Law. The law basically banned from registered sex offenders from being on Facebook or any other kind of social networking site. I call it the dumbfish law because anyone caught by it is kind of like a dumb fish that jumps into a fisherman’s boat. North Carolina has had this law on the books for some years now and has caught a number of dumbfish.

The law was struck down as being unconstitutional for being too vague in what it considers a social network. So rather than tightening up that law the state of Louisiana has come up with an even dumber law. The new law states that any registered sex offender has to disclose their sex offender status on their Facebook, or whatever, profile, disclose the crime and their home address. Now Citizen Off The Street may think that this is a good law but I’m going to tell you why it sucks.

First off, much like the original, Dumbfish Law it doesn’t stop sex offenders for creating profiles with aliases, Secondly even if a sex offender does put all his information on his Facebook profile there are still people and children out there gullible enough to believe any cock and bull story that’s handed to them. Hell, we’ve seen it here on this site multiple times. Lastly it does nothing to prevent the unregistered predators from looking for victims on social sites. Not to mention that I doubt Facebook is going to acquiesce to having a new status of sex offender added to their site. That wouldn’t be abused at all.

You want to keep Facebook and other social sites free from predators? Keep them in jail until they’re too frail and feeble to even use a computer.

Louisiana Dumbfish law thrown back

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

Judge throws out La. Facebook ban on sex offenders:

Last summer the state of Louisiana passed a law that would ban sex offenders from social networking sites if their crimes involved children. I call it the Dumbfish law because there is so many ways to circumvent such a ban only an idiot would be caught by this law. Much akin to a dumb fish jumping into a fisherman’s boat. Now that law has been thrown out by a federal court.

A federal judge ruled that the law was too broad and could keep sex offenders from even using Louisiana’s state website. The ACLU, representing two sex offenders naturally, argued that sex offenders could be kept off any site that required a user login and password.

I’m here to help the state of Louisiana to get a new law passed. The solution is simple really. Talk to the legislature of North Carolina. North Carolina invented the Dumbfish law. As a matter of fact here in the Tarheel State it’s illegal for any sex offender to be on nay social networking site and as far as my memory serves me it has withstood legal challenges. Not to mention that North Carolina has caught its fair share of Dumbfish in its net with this law.

But as I’ve said before while the law may catch the occasional dumb registered sex offender it does nothing to help catch the ones who aren’t registered, the ones who haven’t been caught yet. What we really need is laws that give these creeps real time in prison and not the joke sentences that they’re currently receiving.

VF child rapist sentenced to life +100

Christopher M Spiehler

Christopher M Spiehler

Slidell man sentenced to life in prison plus 100 years for rape, child porn:

Normally lately I’ve been posting the sentences of criminals in the same posts of their convictions because it saves me a lot of time. Not this time. This sentence however does require a blog post of its own.

You’ll remember the story about Christopher M. Spiehler from Slidell, La. He’s the child raping scum who raped an 11-year-old girl that he met on VampireFreaks and then dumped her in Mississippi.

In my last post about Spiehler I posted that he was convicted and was scheduled to be sentenced on the 13th of October and I mentioned that I hoped the 13th (yesterday) would be his unlucky day. Boy was it ever.

Yesterday Spiehler was sentenced to a mandatory life sentence for the rape of the girl. In addition to that he received 100 years for the child porn that cops found on his computer. That’s consecutive too, no concurrent bullcrap here.

“Possession of child pornography is not a victimless crime,” State Judge Peter Garcia said from the bench. Children were hurt to create the images, he said, and a demand for them will ensure “exploitation of children in the future.”

Of course his lawyer plans to appeal…

Spiehler’s attorney, William Alford, said he plans to appeal.

“I have all the respect in the world for the judge,” he said. “But I think it was an extremely harsh penalty. There is going to come a time when the taxpayers are not going to be able to afford all these people being sentenced to life in prison.”

You know what’s harsher? Raping an 11-year-old girl. If my taxes are being raised to house child rapists for life I will happily pay it.

VampireFreaks child rapist convicted

Christopher M Spiehler

Christopher M Spiehler

Slidell man convicted of aggravated rape of suicidal 11-year-old:

I originally posted about 30-year-old Christopher M. Spiehler of Slidell, Louisiana here. He was one of two men who raped an 11-year-old girl on the same day. Spiehler is the one who met her on VampireFreaks then dumped her in Mississippi after raping her.

Last Wednesday Spiehler was convicted of aggravated rape, simple kidnapping and 20 counts of child pornography. It seems that after police nabbed him they found child porn on his computer.

Spiehler originally told police he thought the girl was 18 but when confronted with the girl’s age he told police that “She can make her own choices” and about having sex with her he said “Maybe it would relax her.” Keep in mind she was 11 at the time.

He’s looking at a mandatory life sentence when he’s sentenced on October 13th. I really hope that will be his unlucky day.

UPDATE 10/7/2011: The second rapist, 21-year-old Sean Robertson of Waveland, Miss., pleaded guilty.. He raped the girl after she was dumped in Mississippi by Spiehler. The thing is he was only convicted of statutory rape. The girl was 11-years-old at the time. How the hell can that be statutory? He did get 25 years though.

Another fake cop extorts and assaults backpage prostitute

Leo Driscoll IV

Leo Driscoll IV

Kenner man accused of posing as a cop to extort sex and money from prostitute:

While police were investigating the crimes of the assumed deceased Kylan Laurent they came across another backpage predator.

Police there say that 23-year-old Leo Driscoll IV was posing as a police officer in order to extort money and sex from a backpage prostitute. Isn’t sex through coercion technically rape? Driscoll has been charged with extortion, impersonating an officer and possession of oxycodone but not rape or any kind of sexual assault for some reason. When a prostitute is raped it’s still rape.

With their millions of dollars that they’re allegedly spending what is Village Voice Media doing to protect these women from predators. That answer would be nothing.

Accused backpage killer kills himself

Kylan Laurent

Kylan Laurent

Kenner Police call bridge jumper suspect in escort’s murder:

In Kenner, Louisiana police believe that 22-year-old Kylan Laurent killed a backpage prostitute named Anita McDonald. They say that Laurent only arranged to meet her to rob and kill her. According to reports Laurent strangled McDonald to death.

This past Tuesday after a high-speed chase with Louisiana State Police, Laurent jumped off the Veterans Memorial Bridge into the Mississippi River and is believed dead.

Laurent may have had even more victims as 22 cell phones allegedly stolen from prostitutes was found in his car and home.

Laurent is not the first backpage killer and as long as Village Voice Media insists on keeping the escort ads there will be many more.

Meany pleads guilty to being a MySpace molester


Metairie man used phone, Internet, interstate travel for sex with under-aged girls:

I originally posted about 39-year-old Michael G. Meany Jr. of Metairie, Louisiana here. Back then I posted about how he was arrested for soliciting a 15-year-old girl on MySpace and that police didn’t have to look too hard for him because he was already in jail for a similar crime. ‘Similar crime’ was an understatement.

It turns out that Meany not only solicited the girl over MySpace but also exchanged explicit pictures with the girl and went to Mississippi to have sex (child rape) with the girl. Yes, even in Mississippi the age of consent is 16. But it doesn’t end there.

Meany also has claimed to cyberstalked a 13-year-old girl from Maine and again the term ‘stalked’ is an understatement…

In one instance involving a 13-year-old girl from Brewer, Maine, for example, Meany said he kept notes showing he “attempted to control all aspect of Victim 3’s life by monitoring her online activity (and) monitoring her via her cell phone while she attended middle school, researched where she attended the middle school and conducted web-based searches for directions to her residence,” according to court records.

He also had a threesome with a 15-year-old Louisiana girl and her 16-year-old friend of the girl.

Meany also used Stickam to troll for victims as well. On most sites that he used he claimed to be a teen before revealing his real age to his victims.

Last week Meany pleaded guilty to the charges against him and is looking at 15 to life in the federal pen. Sentencing is scheduled for September 29th.

Meany may have solicited sex from as many underage girls as 100. That sounds like 100 sets of parents who have no idea what their kids are doing on the internet. Remember what I always say, parents are the first and last line of defense between online predators and children.

UPDATE 6/24/2012: Meany was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison with a lifetime of being on the sex offender registry. 22 years is not near enough what this scumbag should get but it’s a good start.

Louisiana passes The Dumbfish Law

Give me that fish!

Give me that fish!

Law bans offenders from using networking:

Last week the state of Louisiana passed a law that would make it illegal for registered sex offenders, whose crimes involved children, to have social networking accounts.

As you may have read in the past I call this The Dumbfish Law because basically states like North Carolina and now Louisiana are basically trolling to see how many ‘dumb fish’ they can catch in their nets. Surprisingly North Carolina has caught a lot but I would imagine there are still many sex offenders out there who are using false aliases to have social networking accounts. Plus this law does nothing to discourage non-registered predators from preying on children online. However if it puts even a few more sex offenders away I guess it can’t hurt.

Upon first conviction, an offender could be fined up to $10,000 and imprisoned for up to 10 years without benefit of probation, parole or suspension of sentence.

For a second or subsequent conviction, they would be fined up to $20,000 and imprisoned with hard labor for five to 20 years without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.

You would think that would discourage registered SOs from being on Facebook but I guarantee there will be some dumbfish that jump into the boat.