Man arrested after using Instagram to meet girls in a park

Man arrested after using Instagram to meet girls in a park

Vien Lam

38-year-old Vien Lam, of Louisville, Kentucky, was arrested after a father caught him talking to 12 and 13-year-old girls at a park. When the man approached Lam, the suspect ran off. (I guess you could say he was…wait for it….on the Lam.) When police interviewed the girls they reportedly said they had been talking to Lam since June on Instagram. They also said Lam was allegedly posing as someone younger and asked them to meet up. The conversations were said to be rather explicit. Thank God that father was at the park or who knows what would have happened to those girls.

I can’t stress enough to parents to check all of your kids’ social media accounts. Check their friends list, check who’s commenting on their pictures, and check who is sending them messages. You never know who may be trying to meet your kids at a park. It may seem like a daunting task, but isn’t your child’s safety worth it?

Louisville RSO wanted a “daughter that needed spoiling” from craigslist

Louisville RSO wanted a "daughter that needed spoiling" from craigslist

David Wayne Phelps

(Story broke 4/22/2017)

43-year-old David Wayne Phelps of Louisville, Kentucky, pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful use of electronic means originating or received within the commonwealth of Kentucky to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited activities. In non-Kentucky law-speak, Phelps placed a craigslist ad that not only said “looking for young white girl younger the better”, but it also mentioned he wanted a “daughter that needed spoiling”. Phelps is on the sex offender registry for a 2008 conviction that involved two minors. Phelps was not supposed to use any kind of electronic communication, including the email address he used for the ad which was Subtle. Instead of finding a ‘daughter’, he was found by the Attorney General Office’s Cyber Crimes Unit who posed as a 15-year-old girl.

We always hear or read the stories of these predators being caught, but for every one we hear of there’s probably more that we don’t hear about where the predator was successful in finding a victim, and craigslist is their playground. It’s well past time that craigslist started to monitor their site to rid it of the predatory filth that dwell there.

Craigslist caregiver steals from victims

Craigslist caregiver steals from victims

Tina Edwards

I was just going to post this story on my twitter account and be done with it, but the headline “Police say woman robbed victims she met through Craigslist” just doesn’t do the story justice.

Anyway, Lady Joker up there is 36-year-old Tina Edwards of Louisville, Kentucky. She is accused of stealing from several victims after allegedly offering her services as a caregiver on craigslist. We’re not talking about stealing some singles from someone’s purse or even lifting some jewelry. Some of the crimes she’s been accused of is allegedly stealing a car from a quadriplegic patient who hired her to help her get around, and stealing an iPad, blank checks, and the home and car keys from another victim.

Having had to use home health care aides in the past when my mother was ill I can understand how desperate the victims may have been to have someone help them around the house, but in my opinion craigslist is never the way to go. It’s become so sketchy I wouldn’t even hire someone to groom my dog from craigslist. This article from the Huffington Post (I know, I’m shocked that it’s good too) has good advice on how to hire someone reliable.

Man uses fake facebook to prey on teens, wife stands by him

Gregory Mathis

Gregory Mathis

The Kentucky Attorney General’s office say that 42-year-old Gregory Mathis, of Louisville, allegedly posed as a 15-year-old on Facebook to solicit explicit photos from underage girls. His also said to have used Kik to maintain contact with his victims. Investigators say that when they searched Mathis’ phone they found explicit videos of his victims. I’d like to hear more about how they found out that Mathis was allegedly preying on these girls. Even the Attorney General’s website doesn’t mention that.

The reason I ask is because Mathis’ wife has some doubt that her husband is the predator that Kentucky investigators believe he is…

“So, what they’re accusing him of doing is creating a false facebook account and then using it to get images of minors,” asked Stephan Johnson. “And you don’t believe that?” Adams answered, “No, I do not. Why not? I just, like I said, he is a good dad, we have two kids of our own and I just don’t see him doing it.”

Johnson followed up, “If he didn’t do anything…what do you think brought authorities to your house?” Adams answered, “Like I said, I do think maybe there was something going on…but not to the extreme as what they’re saying.”

Adams said she was allowed to speak to her husband just before he was taken into custody.

She explained, “And he wanted to explain to me in his own words what the situation was because he’s like…’it’s not how it sounds.”

Is it possible that Mathis has been set up or the crime isn’t as bad as the article makes it out to be? It’s possible but not likely. Someone would have had to have gone to a lot of trouble to plant child porn on his phone. That’s some Lifetime movie of the week kind of framing if you ask me.

Another round of Kik Kreepers


25-year-old Carlos Javier Rojas Paz is/was a substitute teacher in Broward County, Florida, who is accused of ‘having sex’ (statutory) with three of his students. In at least one case he allegedly used Kik to stay in contact with one of his victims.

Another teacher, 33-year-old Patrick Newman of Louisville, Kentucky, allegedly coerced a 13-year-old boy to send him explicit pictures on Kik and then traded them with other pedophiles on Kik.

Kik, as a messaging app, isn’t inherently evil. It’s just another way for people to communicate. However as discussed before it has become a fundamental tool used by online predators. I advise every parent out there to see if their child is using this app on their phones and to find out who the people are on their friends list.

Louisville cab driver shot in 2014 craigslist killing

Papa Thiam

It’s a good thing that someone professional is keeping track of the list of craigslist killing victims because I didn’t even know about this one until recently. I guess that’s kind of a commentary on how common craigslist related murders have become.

Back in November of 2014, 31-year-old Papa Thiam was shot and killed in the taxi cab he drove in Louisville, Kentucky. Charged with his murder are Larico Lovings, 16, Barry Morris, 16, Quentin Lews, 17, and Anu White, 18. All four suspects have been charged as adults as they should be. Back in February it was made public that Papa Thiam was lured to his death by a craigslist ad for an iPhone 6 where the suspects had planned on robbing him.

I’m at a loss for words. I’m becoming numb to these killings. Even though the killings related to craigslist are under 100 out of the billions of transactions that take place it’s still way too many. Granted one is too many but I digress. Since craigslist ads are free it gives criminals a low threshold to post ads in order to lure people. Please be aware of that, please tell your friends and family if they plan on using craigslist.

I’ve been saying this too much lately but my prayers and condolences go out to the friends and family of Papa Thiam.

UPDATE 1/19/2017: Morris and White were found not guilty of murder, but were convicted of first-degree robbery. White will be sentenced to 12 years with tie served while Morris is looking at 12 years but do to him being a juvenile he could walk. It seems that the prosecution couldn’t convince the jury that Morris was the alleged triggerman. Lovings and Lewis had previously pleaded guilty to being accessories to the crime, but are currently out on bond.

A Bully’s Guide to Handling a Whining Child

"I'm a Bully Bitch"


Man beat, bit, bound whining 4-year-old

The beast you see above is facing charges after his girlfriend says he bit, beat and bound her 4-year-old daughter.  What in the hell could she have done to deserve such treatment?  Well, she did what most girls at any age do she was whining. 

According to the Louisville, KY Police, Joseph Hawthorne has been charged with assault and carrying a concealed weapon.  After he struck the little girl and made her stand with soap in her mouth for whining.  When she resisted he apparently struck her with a baseball bat, bit her middle finger and bound her with a phone cord.  Gawd Damn! 

The girl’s mother called police.  When they arrested the douche bag, they found a large machete concealed under his driver’s seat.   Good for mommy, for acting and getting big fat bully up there arrested.

Now, I do have to say as a mother to a 3-year-old divalicious little angel, whining is something I am VERY familiar with.  Yes, I admit the sound of whining can get a little grating on a person’s nerves.  I do not think it warrants soap in the mouth, a baseball bat or be bound as way of breaking the habit. 

This guy is nothing more than a big fat bully, he is actually smiling in his mug shot, as if he is proud he can torment a little girl.  Me thinks, he’s a whiny bitch himself!

Thanks to Sarah T. for the tip.


I am the aunt of the girl and her daughter your info is wrong the little girl was whinning he did put soap in her mouth and made her stand in the corner with it in her mouth that fat ass smacked and bite this babies face he squeezed her so hard she had bruising on her stomach of his hand prints he smaked her on the legs with a phone cord and burnt her feet with cigarettes the mom was trying to get him off of her and she grabbed a ball bat he took it away from her and beat the mom with it he also smaked her with the phone cord he he held them in there apartment for two days cause he said he didn’t want anyone to see the baby because he wasn’t going to prison for this he took the mom to the plasma center so they could have some money she told the plasma center what happened and they contacted the police when he came back to puck her up the cops were waiting on him.

Crazy Kentucky cat killer culled cats from craigslist

Alex Phelps

Alex Phelps

Woman says man accused of torturing cats got the animals on Craigslist:

24-year old Alex Phelps was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky on charges that he abused, tortured and killed several cats. Witnesses have come forward and have said that they gave Phelps cats that they advertised on craigslist.

The reason I bring up this story because it’s a commonly held belief that people who torture and kill animals like this have the most potential to go on to become serial killers.

Now I’m not saying that correlation equals causation but this is the type of person that frequents craigslist. If he hadn’t been caught how long would it have been before he started using craigslist to find human victims? Horny guys on casual encounters would probably be the most vulnerable considering they believe everything they read on the internet.

UPDATE 11/8/2011: His charges have been transferred from Jefferson to Bullitt County.

UPDATE 1/2/2013: Last month Phelps pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5 years. He’s currently out on bond. Sentencing is set to take place on the 11th.

Two children dead 20 years apart

Court records reveal more on man accused of murdering infant son:

44-year-old Robert W. Long Jr. of Louisville, Kentucky was arrested on January 27th in the death of his infant son, 7-1/2-week-old Lavion Gamble. When Long was arrested he had his son’s body in his SUV. Police are treating the death as a homicide.

This isn’t Long’s first run in with the law on these kind of charges. Long served 15 out of a 35 year sentence for the death of another son, 5 week old Robert Deon Long. In that instance Long the elder claimed he dropped the baby down a flight of stairs while reaching for a light switch and that the baby also fell off the bed four or five times.

The reason that Long was released in 2007 was because…

…the state law in effect in 1991 only required him to serve half his sentence, or 12 years in prison, whichever was less.

Because you know that especially back in the 90s criminals have more rights then the victims.

Thanks to Terri for the tip.