Mass. woman accused of locking kid in attic

Kids to cops: Mom used attic as lockup when angry:

27-year-old Kristen Paquette of Lowell, Mass. was arrested after police received a report of a 3-year-old being locked in an attic.

The boy was allegedly covered in his own waste, naked and the temperature in the attic was 100F. Police also say there were feces covered fingerprints all over the walls of the attic. Outside of the attic was a dirty mattress covered in flies. The residence has since been condemned. The other kids allegedly told police “Mommy does this when she gets angry.”

Paquette’s father tried defending her actions saying that the boy has health and behavioral problems.

Paquette said the boy in the attic was born three months premature, has chronic lung problems and exhibited behavioral problems despite reassurances from doctors who have examined him.

“He’s like a child with ADHD on steroids. He’s very hyperactive,” Paquette said.

So basically what he’s saying is that it’s the doctors’ and the child’s fault that mommy put him in the hole. If you’ve ever seen the movie Cool Hand Luke you know what I’m talking about. Back in the old days prisons used to put prisoners in a similar kind of small room with similar conditions.

Maybe they should bring that back for Ms. Paquette.

Thanks to Layla for the tip.

Miguel Diaz ‘lost his cool’

Lowell father charged with attack on infant son:

29-year-old Miguel Alexis Diaz of Lowell, Mass. was arrested for punching his 4-month-old son in the head, fracturing his skull.

When questioned by police Diaz admitted punching the child because he ‘lost his cool’.

As far as I’m concerned he never had any ‘cool’ to begin with.

Thanks to Lindsey for the tip.