Charges dropped against Carina Saunders murder suspects

Carina Saunders

Carina Saunders

Murder charges dismissed in Carina Saunders homicide case:

Two men who were charged in the brutal murder and mutilation of 19-year-old Carina Saunders have had the murder charges against them dropped.

Carina’s body was found mutilated in a duffel bag behind a Bethany, Oklahoma grocery store in October of 2011. Jimmy Lee Massey Jr. and Luis E. Ruiz were believed to have tortured and murdered Carina. Witnesses even allegedly placed them at the at the location of Carina’s murder. Her murder was supposedly done in order to intimidate others into participating in a human trafficking and drug ring.

The charges were dropped after the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) were asked to take over the case and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. However the charges could be refiled if new evidence is discovered.

Ruiz is currently free while Massey is still imprisoned on drug trafficking charges.

I really feel bad for the family and friends of Carina Saunders. After dying a horribly violent death and believing that her killers were brought to justice only to receive the news that the Bethany police may have gotten the wrong men must just be even more heartbreaking for them. I pray that the OSBI does not make the same mistakes and brings her killer or killers to justice.

UPDATE 3/7/2013: Here is more information on why the murder charges were dropped for now.

Two men charged with brutal torture and murder of Carina Saunders

Ruiz and Massey

Ruiz and Massey

Two men charged in Carina Saunders killing; affidavit details torture:

Two Accused Killers Charged With Murder Of Carina Saunders:

For those of you who don’t know the story the dismembered body of Carina Saunders was found stuffed in a duffel bag behind a grocery store in Bethany, Oklahoma. Then word came out that she was tortured and murdered in order to intimidate others that were involved in a human trafficking and drug ring. Now two men believed to be her killers have been charged with her murder. 37-year-old Luis Ruiz and 33-year-old Jimmy Lee Massey have been charged with first degree murder in Carina’s brutal and violent death.

In an affidavit recently released witness testimony says that Ruiz was the mastermind behind the operation and was instrumental in Carina’s torture and death. The affidavit states that Carina was assaulted by Ruiz then drug upstairs to a table where she was tied down. Ruiz then allegedly cut off one of her feet with a saw. He then attempted to cut off her other foot when the saw broke.

Massey allegedly confessed to being involved on the murder to another inmate and had even written down details in a jailhouse note revealing details that only the coroner and someone who was there at the time of the murder would know. Massey is believed to have kidnapped Saunders in order to take her to Ruiz.

I can’t imagine the lever of terror and pain that Carina had to endure. I’m sure there was much more torture than what was revealed in the affidavit. All so these lowlifes could run meth and force women to be raped for money. I can’t imagine what Carina’s family must be going through right now. Again just so some trailer trash scumbags could tweak and get $20 blowjobs.

If there was any real justice in the world these gutless cowards would be sawed in half with one of those two-man lumberjack saws from the bottom of their tiny crotches to the tips of their useless skulls while using every implement known to science to keep them alive as long as possible.

The best we can hope for is that they’ll get a temporary case of tetanus when they dance with Death’s hypodermic.

Carina Saunders alleged killer arrested

Luis Ruiz

Luis Ruiz

New Information Comes To Light In Carina Saunders’ Murder Case:

Did Carina see too much? Teacher ‘brutally tortured and dismembered girl, 19, to scare witnesses involved in human trafficking ring’:

This past week 37-year-old Luis Ruiz was arrested and charged with being the brutal torturer and murderer of 19-year-old Carina Saunders. If you’ll recall, in October of last year Carina’s body was found dismembered in a duffle bag behind a grocery store in a Bethany, Oklahoma.

Previously Bethany police had arrested Jimmy Lee Massey, Michael ‘Monster’ Knight and Luis Soto in connection with Carina’s murder. I even posted that Massey was arrested as the murderer but it appears that I was mistaken.

Ruiz is a father of 5 and a former elementary school teacher who not only some reports say allegedly raped Carina Saunders but also brutally tortured and murder her. Ruiz did this in order to send a message to other women who were involved in a drug and human trafficking ring.

If you think that drugs and prostitution are victimless crimes I implore you to remember Carina Saunders and let your imagination run wild on how she was violently tortured and decapitated just so you could smoke a joint or get a happy ending. Her blood is on all your hands just so you could satisfy your selfish and pointless needs.

Carina Saunders

Carina Saunders