No charges for 'Megan Had It Coming'

No charges against impersonators in Internet suicide case:

Authorities in St. Charles County, Missouri will not be filing any charges against those behind the ‘Megan Had It Coming’ blog.

For those of you just joining us let me recap. In the wake of the controversy surrounding the much publicized suicide of Megan Meier someone posted a fake blog pretending to be Lori Drew saying that Megan got what she deserved. I deemed it a fake as soon as I laid eyes on it.

Now let’s get to the aforementioned authorities…

St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas said Tuesday that the sheriff’s department investigated those who posed as Lori Drew on the Internet. Because the bloggers were from outside of Missouri and had not sent messages to either family involved in the case, and the difficulty of legally proving the identity and actions of people behind their Internet addresses, charges are not being pursued in the impersonation case, Banas said.

Banas said he did not have the names of those allegedly involved in the online impersonation of Drew. The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department referred questions to Banas’ office.

Heaven forfend if the pranksters’ names ever get out. Then karma will be raking in all the ‘lulz’.