Craigslist child porn creeper: “I understand where it makes me look bad”

Craigslist child porn creeper: "I understand where it makes me look bad"

Luqman Gotti

One of the complaints we receive from the entrapment whiners is there aren’t any real children on craigslist. So whenever someone is busted by police posing as an underage ad poster on craigslist the whiners cry entrapment. Well, the police in Manchester, Connecticut may disagree.

It was in Manchester where police arrested 36-year-old Luqman Gotti on charges of soliciting and receiving child porn. Gotti allegedly responded to an ad placed by a 13-year-old boy in the casual encounters section which read…

“Sub young looking for dom near manchester,” and said, “I’m a teen under 18 looking to get dominated, or just casual sex.”

Gotti is said to have responded to the ad, then the 13-year-old sent Gotti explicit images and videos of himself. Gotti then reportedly sent the boy a sexually explicit picture in return. Gotti was found out when the boy’s mother had discovered the messages between the boy and Gotti on the boy’s iPad. As usual we have a ‘To Catch a Predator’ type excuse from the suspect. He claims that his conversations with the boy were all talk because he was bored. Manchester police were more than happy to respond to that claim.

A detective then showed Gotti a printout of the conversation with the boy in which he first asked for the boy’s age and then later requested that the teen send photos of himself, the warrant says.

“Gotti then told police, ‘I understand where you’re coming from and I understand where it makes me look bad,’” the warrant says.

It’s also worth noting that conversations between the boy and other men were found as well. So, to say there are no children posting ads on craigslist is just wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the victim. He obviously has had some kind of trauma or bad influence to where he’s into BDSM at the age of 13. You can talk about sexual exploration all you want but no 13-year-old should be posting these kinds of ads on craigslist.

Lastly, the boy mentions in his ad that he is under 18. If craigslist moderated their own site this ad would have never seen the light of day.