Kik kreeper tried luring NY girl to L.A. on a bus

Kik kreeper tried luring NY girl to L.A. on a bus

What is it with child predators and buses? Since the days of MySpace, I’ve been posting stories about how either the predator traveled to meet the victim by bus or tried to have their victim come to them by bus. It’s probably because a passenger doesn’t necessarily need an ID to travel across the country on a bus. According to the website of a certain bus line, you can buy a ticket for a passenger and all they need to give at the counter is a password that was established ahead of time and that’s it. It’s almost like pizza delivery for pedophiles.

For example, 28-year-old Carlos Francisco Lopez of Los Angeles was recently arrested for allegedly trying to lure a girl from Western New York State to his home. Police in Tonawanda, New York, were able to locate the girl and get her off the bus before it took off for L.A.

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Lopez is said to have met the girl on the mobile messaging app Kik in a chat room for runaway teens. In the past, I have occasionally mentioned that Kik is infested with sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors. To have a chat group for runaway teens on Kik is like putting out a flashing neon sign that says “LOST KIDS HERE, PEDOPHILES WELCOME”.

It wasn’t enough for Lopez to make the girl travel cross-country on a bus, but after police posed as the girl in a conversation with Lopez, he was reportedly going to send an Uber to pick her up from the bus station.

On Jan. 18, an undercover law enforcement officer posed as the victim to continue to communicate with the individual that police identified as Lopez. The officer wrote, “hey u there … this bus ride sucks.” The undercover officer stated she was due into California around 10 p.m. on Jan. 19 and asked what to do upon arrival.

Police said Lopez replied, “call me or text me. Wait at the station, and ill send an uber.” Lopez was arrested after the officer sent a message that the bus had arrived and he reportedly ordered an Uber.

Lopez is also a registered sex offender in California where he was convicted in 2011 for a sexual offense against a child under the age of 14. So if convicted, Lopez will be a sex offender in two states, however, he may not get to be on any new registry since he’s facing life in prison. Speaking of registries and prison, I’m glad to see his last conviction set him on the straight and narrow after obviously being rehabilitated. Seriously though, these scumbags should be kept in prison for much longer than they are. Once a creeper, always a creeper.

Snapchat sleaze who lured girl from Sydney to New York blames victim

Snapchat sleaze who lured girl from Sydney to New York blames victim

Sean Price

I originally posted about Sean Price here. He’s the man from Queens, New York, who is accused of luring a 16-year-old girl from Sydney, Australia to Queens, New York, through Snapchat. Unsurprisingly, Price is now trying to blame the victim for his predicament.

From jail in New York, Price reportedly called the Daily Mail Australia to try to tell his side of the story, his side being the ‘I didn’t know she was 16’ defense. Price tells the Daily Mail…

‘First of all, she told me she was 22 – and I made my choice. Do you ask a girl for ID if she looks young? No,’ Price said.

‘If I figured she was that young I wouldn’t have met her.’

Right. So in the entire time you were chatting with her, through the time you bought the airline ticket, up until the time she was discovered in your mom’s basement, you’re going to tell me that you never knew her age? So why then did you allegedly have your mother tell police that neither you nor the girl were there? You are said to have driven her from L.A. to New York and you’re going to tell me the subject of her age never came up? Plus, didn’t you have to know her date of birth in order to purchase the ticket from Sydney to L.A.?

As an aside, in my previous post I wondered where the case would be prosecuted. From the Daily Mail article, it seems to indicate he will be prosecuted in the US, but could be further prosecuted in Australia. This will be an interesting one to watch.

Snapchat sleaze accused of luring girl from Sydney to New York

Snapchat sleaze accused of luring girl from Sydney to New York

I’ve posted stories before about predators who have lured girls from across the country. I’ve posted stories before about how predators have lured girls from one country to another, usually from Canada to the US. To my recollection this is the first time I’ve ever posted a story about an alleged predator who lured a girl from another hemisphere.

39-year-old Sean Price, of Queens, New York, is accused of luring a 16-year-old girl, who he met on Snapchat, from Sydney, Australia, to his home on Queens. Price allegedly sent the girl $1500 USD in order for her to fly from Sydney to L.A. Price is said to have met the girl in L.A., then the pair drove from L.A. to New York. They are said to have ‘had sex’ in multiple states during their coast to coast road trip. Depending on the state, the ‘had sex’ may actually be ‘child rape’.

The NYPD received a tip from Australian authorities and tracked down Price at the home he shared with his mother. At first, even his own mother covered for him, stating that he wasn’t home but police eventually found him and his victim in the basement. That’s right, they found a shifty online creep who couldn’t get women his own age in mom’s basement.

A flight from Sydney to L.A. is 7500 miles and takes 15 hours. To then drive from L.A. to Queens is 2800 miles and takes around 3-4 days if you drive for 12 hours a day. This jackhole took this girl from her home and family with the most obsessive depravity I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading about. If there’s some online sexual predator book of records this scumbag definitely wins the award for most miles lured.

It will be interesting to see where Mr. Pedophile Travel Agent will be prosecuted.
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Snapchat sleaze accused of luring 11-year-old into gym bathroom

Snapchat sleaze accused of luring 11-year-old into gym bathroom

Evan Anderson Berkland

19-year-old Evan Anderson Berkland, of Ankeny, Iowa, is accused of using Snapchat to lure an 11-year-old girl into sex. Berkland allegedly used the photo sharing app to lure the girl to a local gym where they ‘had sex’ in the gym’s bathroom. Again, if you’re new here, I call that child rape. No 11-year-old, no matter how mature they may seem, has any concept of the ramifications that an actual sexual relationship entails. Berkland is also accused of sending the girl an explicit image of himself and requested the girl reciprocate.

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How many times do I have to say it? No one under 13 needs to be on Snapchat, and even if they’re 13 or over parents still need to check to see who their children are talking with through these apps. For all we know this miscreant could have abducted her since he was reportedly able to get her into a gym’s bathroom. Again, you may trust your child, but do you trust every stranger on the internet they’re talking to?

Guy from Big Flats in trouble again

Vincent Izzo

Vincent Izzo

Big Flats man accused again of luring teen:

I originally posted about Vincent Izzo from Big Flats, New York here. Last year he was arrested for luring three underage girls for sex (child rape) through MySpace and Facebook. Well just like any other sex offender it seems that Izzo was up to his old tricks again.

First off Izzo pleaded guilty to the initial charges against him and instead of getting jail time he got probation. When will the system learn that a sex offender can not be rehabilitated or trusted.

Now Izzo is in trouble again this time for making friends with a 17-year-old girl on Facebook and sending her somewhere in the vicinity of 100 sexually explicit text messages. Also like a lot of sex offenders he used an alias, Vincent Cevellione.

Predators like Izzo only know one thing and that’s feeding their twisted desires.

Hopefully this time he’ll get some real jail time and not some enabling ‘probation’.

Thanks to Kathy for the tip.

370 lb. Montana sex offender sentenced

William Richard Nielsen

William Richard Nielsen

Missoula Man Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison For Rape:

Missoula man sentenced to 40 years for coercing, enticing 12-year-old girl:

I originally posted about this fat fuck of a pedophile named William Richard Nielsen here, here and here. Let me bring you up to date.

Nielsen, from Missoula, Montana, lured a 12-year-old girl from Sheridan, Wyoming over MySpace to come to Missoula. Nielsen taught her how to get on a Greyhound and make the almost 500 mile trip. After she got there Nielsen plied with drugs and alcohol while he repeatedly raped her, beat her and made her call the lard-ass ‘Daddy’. The girl’s parents were able to track her down and when they got to Nielsen’s they found the girl naked on the bed. As I said in my original post if I was the father there would have been a slight delay between me finding her and me calling the police as I would have opened a 370 lb. can of whupass.

Nielsen was a registered sex offender from a previous offense that involved a 12-year-old girl. He also had a state medical marijuana card. I wonder what fake ailment he told them to get it. I’m guessing Montana doesn’t consider being a fat fucking pedophile an ailment, but I digress.

Last we heard Pedowhale pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of coercion and enticement of a minor and was only looking at a mere 20 years for his heinous crimes. Luckily a judge went above and beyond the 20 years as the federal judge called him a pervert and sentenced him to 40 years.

“I am sure there are punishments, if this was in the 19th century, (in which) Mr. Nielsen would be looking at much more severe consequences than I am authorized to provide here,” U.S. District Court Judge Donald Molloy.

Go Judge Molloy.

In addition to his 40 years in the federal pen Nielsen has to pay $3700+ in restitution, has been ordered not to drink or get high for the rest of his life and he can not live in a home that has children or go to places like parks where children congregate.

While I’m mad as hell that this registered sex offender was allowed to go on to be a predator again, and I’m sure not anywhere as mad as the girl’s parents, I’m glad to see that justice can still be served in this country.

370 lb. sex offender pleads guilty to lesser charges

William Richard Nielsen

William Richard Nielsen

I posted about fat fucking pedophile William Richard Nielsen before here and here.

He’s the 24-year-old fat fuck from Missoula, Montana who met a 12-year-old girl on MySpace and lured her away from Sheridan, Wyoming. He basically instructed the girl on how to buy a bus ticket to go to his house. Nielsen then got the girl wasted on weed and booze, raped her repeatedly for four days and slapped her and made her call him daddy.

Now he’s pleaded guilty but only to charges of coercion and enticement of a minor.

That’s it? Granted he’s looking at 20 years but he repeatedly raped a 12-year-old girl ‘allegedly’. Is he going to make a plea in these charges too or was this the lamest plea bargain in recorded history. This oozing fat pustule on the ass of society should be spending at least the rest of his life in prison.

If he even gets 20 years he’ll be out by the time he’s 44. Plenty of time for him to rape even more little girls.

UPDATE: Sentencing is scheduled for July 20, 2011 and the US Attorney’s office is saying that Nielsen is looking at 10 to life.

Also the weed he used to keep the girl high was obtained through his medical marijuana card. I wonder what phony ailment this scumbag used to obtain the card and who thought it would be a good idea to give a marijuana card to a 370 lb. fat fuck of a sex offender? That’s another rant for another time.

370 lb. sex offender to plead guilty

William Richard Nielsen

William Richard Nielsen

I last posted about William Richard Nielsen here. He’s the fat fucking pedophile from Missoula, Montana who allegedly lured a 12-year-old girl that he met on MySpace from her home in Wyoming to his home in Missoula where he held her captive and raped her.

Nielsen will be entering into some kind of plea deal with prosecutors.The details of which are yet unknown to me but he better be getting some kind of real sentence and not whatever it was he got back in 2004 when he was caught with a 12-year-old back then.

What really gets me is how he was classified by the state of Montana…

According to the state, Nielsen is a level two sex offender. That means the state has determined him to be a moderate risk to others.

Moderate risk? You have got to be kidding me. When it comes to child molesters there is no such thing as a moderate risk. I’m sure the parents of Nielsen’s latest victim would not consider what happened to their daughter moderate.

370 lb. sex offender rapes 12-year-old girl repeatedly

William Richard Nielsen

William Richard Nielsen

I didn’t post this story right away and I wish I did. I sat on it because the story came to me with the innocuous headline of  “Sex offender accused of luring 12-year-old Wyoming girl to Missoula”.

When I read a headline like that I thought that it was just a creeper who got caught trying to lure a girl to his home over MySpace but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I do have to warn you, some of the details are disturbing and for me to say that it means something.

24-year-old William Richard Nielsen of Missoula, Montana is a convicted sex offender. I was unable to find out what his original offense but it also involved a 12-year-old girl. He doesn’t look like it in this mugshot but Nielsen is 6’4″ (1.9m) and 370  pounds (168.2kg). In this particular mugshot according to the Montana Dept. of Corrections he was a slim 290 lbs (131.8kg) at the time.

Nielsen is accused of meeting a 12-year-old girl from Sheridan, Wyoming on MySpace and luring her to his home in Montana. He allegedly instructed the girl on how to hop on a Greyhound Bus to make the almost 500 mile (805km) trip to his home. As an aside this is not the first time I’ve read about a child molester using Greyhound to have their victims delivered to them.

Once the girl got to Nielsen’s home he got the girl high and wasted on weed and alcohol and repeatedly raped her. According to reports Nielsen repeatedly slapped the girl and made her call him ‘daddy’.

When the girl tried to leave Nielsen supposedly told the girl that she wouldn’t be able to leave until she was 18.

The girl’s parents were able to track down their daughter by posing as a friend of the girl and telling Nielsen that they had drugs for him.

When the girl’s father got there he allegedly found his 12-year-old daughter naked on a bed. I guess I don’t need to tell you if that was my daughter there would have been a slight delay in between the time I got there and the time I called police and by slight delay I mean however long it would take me to beat the living hell of that fatass pedophile.

If you think you’re 12-year-old daughter is mature enough to have a MySpace account, or any other social network, you’re wrong. If you think you can trust your children enough to be on the internet unsupervised you’re wrong again.

I know I’ve said this a lot before but it still stands as true. If you leave your kids unsupervised on the internet it’s just like allowing pedophile scum like Nielsen into your home.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story.

Guy from Big Flats caught with little girls

Big Flats, NY

Big Flats, NY

More charges filed against Big Flats man in MySpace sex case:

21-year-old Vincent Izzo of Big Flats, NY is in some pretty deep trouble. First he was arrested back in September for allegedly luring a 14-year-old girl to his home in order to have sex with the girl. Again, around here we call that attempted child rape but I digress.

While investigating that crime police discovered hat Izzo allegedly lured two girls ages 13 and 14 to his house in June and had sex with the 13-year-old girl. Of course he had to go for the youngest of the two. He’s said to have met that girl on MySpace.

Normally we’d get the people saying that the girl lied about her age but are you going to tell me that two different girls lied about their ages. I don’t buy it.

This shows two things. The first is that child molesters don’t have to be creepy middle-aged men and the second is that obviously parents still aren’t doing enough to keep their children out of the hands of predators.