Red Lake families settle lawsuit

Settlement in Red Lake school shooting:

The families of the victims of the Red Lake shooting have settled their lawsuit with MacNeil Environmental. MacNeil is a security consulting firm that provided Red Lake High with a contingency plan in case of a school shooting. Obviously it failed.

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed but both sides are saying that MacNeil admitted no liability. Of course they wouldn’t. Did anyone expect them to say ‘our bad’?

Personally I don’t think you can have a contingency plan for a school shooting because the acts are so random.

Red Lake families sue consulting firm

Consultant sued over Red Lake shootings:

Families of the victims of the Red Lake shooting are suing a consulting firm whose job it was to provide the school with a contingency plan in case of such crises. Obviously their contingency plan didn’t work.

The families are suing MacNeil Environmental Inc. stating that their security plan didn’t work.

The lawyers say they have received strong expert opinion on their claims that MacNeil’s plan was confusing, poorly formatted and contained conflicting directions for school staff.

Normally I’m against families of school shooting victims suing 3rd parties but this lawsuit actually sounds like it does have merit.

Previously the families had sued the Red Lake School District and were awarded $900K between the families.