Man arrested after offering $10K Facebook bounty on ex-girlfriend

Joshua Payne

Joshua Payne

Kentucky man offered $10,000 reward for help finding woman who fled from him:

There are few things more frightening for a woman then when she’s trying to escape an abuser. Even though you did nothing wrong you’re on the run like a criminal. Always looking over your shoulder afraid of your abuser finding you. It’s even worse if you have a child, always wondering if your child is safe while not in your immediate view. Now imagine that not only your abuser found you but finding out that someone you thought was a friend sold you out to your abuser. That’s what investigators say exactly happened in Longmont, Colorado.

Police say that 29-year-old Joshua Payne of Kentucky posted on his Facebook page that he would give anyone $10,000 for information leading to him finding his ex-girlfriend. His ex had fled Kentucky with her son to get away from Payne and with the assistance of a woman’s shelter she made her way to Longmont. She was in the process of changing her name and Social Security number in order to better hide from Payne.

Payne’s ex was befriended in Longmont by a woman named Madison Greenfield. She had told Greenfield all about Payne’s abuse and the fact that she fled with their son. Greenfield is said to have Googled information about Payne where she found his Facebook page and the $10K offer. Greenfield allegedly gave up the goods on the woman to Payne.

A witness tipped off police in Longmont and they tracked Payne as soon as he entered Colorado. He was arrested when police found him parked outside his ex’s building. Greenfield has also been arrested on charges of conspiracy.

Unfortunately the story isn’t over yet. Payne was able to post bond and is out walking the streets.

This coward shouldn’t have even been given bail in my opinion especially considering he had to cross multiple states to get to his ex. Things like restraining orders and pending court hearings do not stop violent abusing pussies like this.

I can only hope that the victim is under some kind of protective custody.

Thanks to Cynical Me for the tip.

UPDATE: Payne is back behind bars after being arrested on a Kentucky warrant for custodial interference.