Sense of entitlement motive released in Madison High shooting

Sense of entitlement motive released in Madison High shooting

Previously, I’ve complained that Madison High shooter, James Austin Hancock, received a ridiculously light sentence for shooting three people at point-blank range in the school’s cafeteria. Hancock was charged as a juvenile since he was 14 at the time of the shooting and was sentenced to be held in juvenile detention until his 21st birthday. I was of the belief that Hancock should have been charged as an adult and for three attempted murder charges should have received a great deal of prison time. Now that the motive for the shooting has been made public I am even more steadfast in that belief.

In court documents that have recently been made public, Hancock claims the reason he shot three of his classmates was because he had it ‘rough’ at home. In case you were wondering, yes those are sarcasm quotes around the word rough. Here’s how ‘rough’ Hancock supposedly had it…

“The reason he gave for shooting was his home life. His mom doesn’t watch any of his sporting events and dad was on his case for his grades and has a lot of chores. Hancock further stated he was always grounded (at least seven months out of the year),” the investigation report says.

Please forgive my language, because I’m trying to be more professional in my writing, but are you fucking kidding me? Hancock shot three kids at point-blank range because he was grounded and didn’t want to do his fucking chores? For this degree of sociopathy he was only sentenced to less than six years. This is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice that I’ve written about on this website in the past 16 years.

Once again another school shooter who is nothing more than a selfish coward who resorts to violence instead of dealing with his own inadequacies.

Madison High shooter only gets six years in juvie

Madison High shooter only gets six years in juvie

Earlier this week, Madison High shooter, James Austin Hancock, was sentenced to remain in juvenile detention until his 21st birthday. Roughly, that sentence works out to about six years. If you’ll recall Hancock opened fire in the school’s cafeteria striking three students. Luckily there were no mortal injuries. Part of Hancock’s sentence could see him return to jail after that if he doesn’t stay out of legal trouble.

As I have Lamented before, this sentence is nowhere near enough the prison time this miscreant deserves. Considering he shot three students at point-blank rage it should be considered a miracle that nobody died. However, his crime showed that he was wiling to murder these students, but instead of being charged as an adult his case was kept in juvenile court where he got off relatively easy.

I highly doubt the threat of additional prison time will keep Hancock from committing another violent crime once he’s released from detention.

Madison high shooter entered into plea deal because he had no defense


The attorney for Madison High shooter James Austin Hancock has told the media that the reason his client didn’t go to trial was because he literally had no defense

“We didn’t go to trial because we didn’t have a defense,” Charlie Rittgers, Hancock’s attorney said. “How many kids saw him, Austin, shoot the gun, run out the door? There was no psychological issues involved. There wasn’t any defense.”

Then why in the hell was this kid not charged as an adult? Four counts of attempted murder only resulted in less than a six-year sentence. Hancock could be sentenced to sixty years in adult prison if he causes problems but in my opinion the odds of that happening are slim unless he commits such a violent crime inside that it can’t be ignored. I’m not the only one asking this though, so is one victim’s family member…

“He should be charged as an adult,” Ginger Weaver said. “At 15 years old, he knows better. Period.”

“I’ve heard people are rallying behind him, I’m rallying behind my son and I don’t care what anybody else thinks,” Weaver added.

As she should and as should the community. Anybody rallying behind this potential killer is only fooling themselves thinking that he’s some kind of victim. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has basically said that this was nothing more than an arbitrary shooting

“What we’ve seen in our investigation, there was no bullying. There was no in-love, out-of-love issues, typical 14-year-old,” Jones told WLWT News 5 investigative reporter Todd Dykes.

“He made the statement … that he was going to bring a gun several times to school, and he never did,” Jones said. “It was one of those things and this is, ‘Hey, I’m going to bring a gun. I’m going to bring a gun.'”

“He had the gun most of the day with him, loaded. And at that point, after the investigation and after he was talked to, he made a determination that they (classmates) were going to go tell on him. So at that point, soon after that he got up, moved very fast toward the table.

“We don’t know that he picked any person out individually. He just pointed the weapon at the table and as he went by he pulled the trigger at the table. And the bullets don’t have eyes. The bullets hit victims. The rest scrambled. So is that and was that his motive? I believe it was.”

Killing for the sake of killing should mean that the shooter has surrendered his right to remain free in society whether or not someone died in this instance. Just by biding his time this sociopath will be walking free among us in less than 6 years and odds are that there will be more victims of his violence.

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Plea deal to be reached in Madison High shooting


Some news sources are saying that a plea deal is in the works for James Austin Hancock, the 15-year-old who shot two students at point-blank range inside Madison Junior-Senior High School in Ohio. Prosecutors have not commented however the defense believes that case will not go to trial.

In my opinion any plea deal is going to be a joke. It’s bad enough that Hancock is being tried as a juvenile meaning that he can only be held for less than six years, but a plea to reduce that sentence by even one day would be an immense injustice. Only by the grace of God did his two victims not die, his sentence should reflect that bu not giving him a slap on the wrist.

UPDATE 4/28/2016: Earlier today Hancock pleaded guilty to four counts of attempted murder. He is expected to be held until his 21st birthday. That’s less than 1 1/2 years for each count. That’s a travesty of a sentence.

Madison High shooter to be tried as a juvenile


A Hamilton, Ohio, grand jury has made a huge mistake if you ask me. While they have indicted James Austin Hancock on attempted murder charges for the shooting at Madison Junior-Senior High School they have failed to charge him as an adult. While Hancock was 14 at the time of his crime he did shoot two people at almost point-blank range.

I would love to know what evidence compelled them to have him tried as a juvenile or is this just another case of ‘Won’t someone think about the children?’ Hancock recently turned 15 so is six years in Juvenile detention justice enough for his victims? I don’t believe so. He acted with nothing more than pure malice and intended to kill his victims and his charges should reflect that rather than sending him back out on the streets in 6 years with a sealed record.

UPDATE 3/26/2016: Hancock has entered a plea of not guilty.

Two kids arrested for not reporting gun before shooting at school


Two 14-year-old male students of Madison Junior-Senior High School have been arrested for allegedly failing to report that James Austin Hancock had a gun prior to the shooting at the school. If you’ll recall Hancock shot two students in the cafeteria and has been charged with attempted murder. Police say that Hancock showed the boys the gun much earlier in the day before the shooting.

The identities of the boys have not been released and to be honest I don’t know if arresting them is the right course of action. What I do is that we need to eliminate the ‘don’t be a snitch’ attitude that kids have when it comes to guns in schools. These are people’s lives we’re talking about, not school detention. If kids have this little value for life then we’ve failed as a society.

UPDATE 8/9/2016: Last week the two students pleaded guilty (or true) to misdemeanor charges and will be sentenced in October.

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This week’s shooting at Madison Junior-Senior High School


This past Monday 14-year-old James Austin Hancock allegedly shot two classmates at Madison Junior-Senior High School in Middletown, Ohio. The two victims are Cameron Smith, 15, and Cooper Caffrey, 14. Both are said to currently be in stable condition. Hancock wrestles for the school as does Caffrey but Smith may have been the main target.

Here’s how one witness described the shooting according to WCPO….

Carpenter was sitting at a table with Hancock and two other friends, she said. One of them made a comment about “having a problem” with Smith, Carpenter said, and Hancock asked if he should shoot Smith. Hancock told the group he had a gun, Carpenter said, but she didn’t see it until he had it in his hand.

Then, she said, Hancock opened fire. Carpenter recalled hearing five to seven shots.

Police say that they are aware of a motive but have not made it public however they have said that they believe it had nothing to do with bullying. It’s also believed that Hancock got the gun from a relative.

Prosecutors have stated that they will try to have Hancock tried as an adult.

I’ll post more details as they become available and as time allows.


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